The inception of the internet has changed the world drastically. It has made our life simpler than ever before. We have a huge content of entertainment and information on our PCs and mobile phones. Within a few clicks, we can watch any movie, live TV, or any other kind of entertainment. YouTube was already a huge short video streaming platform, but the concept of offering full-length movies by Netflix changed the whole game. Now people can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and movies or series in multiple languages at online streaming services. Nonetheless, many people despise Netflix and its alternatives because they charge a hefty subscription charge. This is the reason why people tend towards illegal movie streaming websites like bestmovies888.


BestMovies888: Introduction

This free movie streaming and downloading website is not hugely popular, but a significant number of users use this website. Bestmovies888 or offers the latest movies, series, documentaries, and many other tools of entertainment that players can enjoy for free. Movies and series, that are available with price on Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBOMax, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, can be accessed for free at bestmovies888. This site doesn’t ask for any subscription or registration. is a hub to download as well as streaming movie content. Apart from offering movies and TV shows from online streaming services, it also offers BluRay 1080p movies and series that had theatrical or TV release. This website is considered to be among the best free alternatives to Netflix and its friends.

How is Different from Other Similar Sites?

Bestmovies888 is not as popular as its competitors like 123mkv, downloadhub, 123movies, pubfilm, and, but it offers a similar service. This illegal website provides HD movies and series in 720p and 1080p. Unlike, other free streaming websites, it offers movies in Hindi, English, Spanish, and several other languages. Along with streaming movies, users can also download HD movies for free here. Thus, Bestmovies888 can be among the best but infamous free movie websites.

Should You Use

As we already said, is a pirated free movie website that provides copyrighted movies and series. So, we don’t suggest our readers use any kind of free movie websites or free movie apps. However, many users don’t have enough money to subscribe to the paid streaming services. Such users have many legal movie apps on the app store and Google Play Store. Or else, you can use bestmovies888 or similar sites like it at your own risk.

Free streaming websites like generate revenue by running ads. Sometimes users can invite viruses or malware on their system. Thus, we don’t suggest anybody use or similar free illegal movies streaming sites.

Is BestMovies888 Available?

Is Blocked?

Illegal websites similar to Bestmovies888 are always under the radar of Google and officials. So, such websites have more chances of getting banned. The same happened to BestMovies888. As of now, this free to watch movies online website is not available on the internet. Google and Yahoo search indexes show and However, both of these sites are not available and do not show any stuff. You can use other alternatives to

Which Are Similar Sites like BestMovies888 | Top Alternatives

There are many similar sites like BestMovies888 that allows free streaming. Viewers can watch popular movies and shows without any hassle. Here’re the best alternatives.


One of the most popular platforms for free online movies is 123movies and that is why it can be one of the best alternatives to BestMovies888. The reason for its huge popularity is that it is kept as updated as possible. For example, if you visit the site now, you can already see some of the latest released movies on Netflix, theater, or any other streaming service or TV channels. You will not have to pay for a whole month of streaming service because here you can watch all movies and series in HD for totally free.

The platform is very easy to use, plus it has excellent navigability. In addition to this, there are several language options. You can have fun for a while watching your favorite movies without invasive advertising or registration on the site.


Since its inception, this website has offered its users the best free movies. No registration is required to enter the movie list, and you only have to click play to enjoy the best entertainment at home. All the movies uploaded by site administrators are HD quality and with multiple servers, as this is preferred by most users. And you don’t have to worry about violating copyright laws because the movies are not on the servers. Rather, they are links that other sites have.  So, the objective of this website is that all users enjoy free premiere movies, series in several languages and that they can choose from any of the genres that we offer for their enjoyment.


One of the distinguishing features of this free online movie website is that you can search for them by release date. So, you can find the latest movies on the homepage, while old movies can be found by the years. You can also do your search by genre. So, you get all the navigational functions very easily here.

All old and new movies are available in HD. In all terms, it is better than All these productions are causing a sensation among movie lovers, but because of the world situation, they could not enjoy them on the big screen. Even so, in quality cinema, you have the opportunity to see them whenever you want and more than once because you will not have to pay a subscription to click the play button. Here you have action, adventure, suspense, romance, comedy, horror movies, and more. You just have to choose the genre of your preference to see the list of films available in the original language.


The GoMovies site is a very genuine alternative to BestMovies888. It hosts all the latest movies and series for free in the highest quality possible. It keeps you updated with the latest releases so you can’t miss any big or even a small release. This site is ideal to enjoy a full weekend of movies at home as it has a wide variety of productions to watch. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything because the service is totally free. The site doesn’t ask you to create an account. There is no need to register an account here. However, to track your streaming activities, you can create a free account on this BestMovies888 alternative.


This similar site like BestMovies888 has been offering high-quality movies, quick updates, and generally nearly up to date with movie listings. In addition to the excellent video and audio quality of the movies it offers; it has multiple server options and the best thing is that they all stream quickly. If that is not enough, it also has servers for direct download of the film in case you want to save it to play it at any other time and without the need for an internet connection. All the movies and series are organized in a different genre, year, and names.


For years this free streaming site has always been a reliable option for several reasons. First of all, it is quick to post all the latest updates, it doesn’t make you wait too long for the latest installments. Second, it has been considered by providing great quality without neglecting the streaming speed, thanks to the fact that it has multiple servers. Third, it keeps its old files, that is, it not only updates its content frequently but also corrects old content that for one reason or another may be lost.

This BestMovies888 alternative categorizes movies by genre, years, ratings, and popularity. If there is something negative to say about the site, it would be the redirects. You don’t spend a lot of time clicking without being redirected again. Because it runs popup ads. Beyond that it really is excellent.


This site can be among the best alternatives to It has a vast collection of movies, as well as TV series. It has several factors that make it decisive within this list. First of all, it has good video quality, plus it offers different streaming servers. It allows the players to stream fast as well as download movies.

On the other hand, movies and series are well-organized by genre, IMDB score, new releases, and alphabetically. The streaming speed may vary depending on the server you choose to play but in general, they all work perfectly.


This is one of the most loved websites to watch movies and series for free. Its interface is clean, it has a tremendous variety of films and the best thing is that it always renews the latest films that are coming out. With respect to advertising it is hardly perceptible and intuitive, nothing intrusive. The quality is also remarkable, we have been able to notice that their movies are in HD and Full HD format so it is a highlight, and best of all, you do not need registration to view your audiovisual material. Thus, if you wish to grab a simple alternative then, this is the one site that you want.

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