With the increase in the number of smartphone users across the globe and with more and more people spending a considerable amount of their daily time on their smartphones. It has become an avenue for businesses and companies around the world to reach people by offering various services such as online shopping, booking tickets, online banking, entertainment, news and more to satisfy their needs with comfort and flexibility.

Apart from the aforementioned services, multiple online platforms have emerged in the recent past to offer E-learning or online learning services to students so that they can study and learn from the comfort of their homes.

A large number of students in India and around the world have benefited from this online learning experience. The reason behind the rising popularity of E-learning among students is that it is economical and offers the flexibility of time and place.

Due to this, the students having weak financial backgrounds can get an education as all they need is a smartphone device and an internet connection. Another case of students who have benefited greatly from this service is the students with disabilities because they don’t have to travel to a physical campus to attend classes.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the top E-learning apps in India offering online courses and programs for students and professionals in different fields to help them learn and develop their skill sets to achieve their individual goals.


●      Byju’s

It is one of the prominent E-learning stages in India, giving learning technology along with portable learning and online mentoring services to the budding aspirants. The Byju’s versatile application offers a fun, interactive and intuitive learning experience through its courses and programs.

The application contains interactive video recordings to clarify ideas in various subjects, along with mock tests and quizzes for versatile learning. These tests incorporate a detailed performance summary that any student can experience to improve his/her preparation.

The learning application offers instructive programs and means to children of classes 1-12. Not just this, Byju’s has additionally begun offering competitive exam preparation courses to aspirants planning to appear for exams like NEET, JEE, CAT, UPSC, Government competitive exams and so on.

●      Vedantu

Another significant contender in the E-learning field in India is Vedantu. Established by three IITians, Vedantu furnishes the highest quality of instructing with the best-experienced educators.

The Vedantu application permits constant association between the educators and students, empowering two-path correspondence through audio-visual tools. This aids both the educators and students to compose, hear, see and to interconnect during live classes.

Vedantu at present offers instructive courses for classes 6-12 and offers online coaching services to aspirants preparing for competitive exams such as NDA, NEET, JEE and more.

●      Testbook

The Testbook app is perhaps the most favored Government Exam Preparation App by budding aspirants. The application is a one-stop answer for all essential educational resources and mentorship requirements of aspirants preparing for any government exam.

It offers online courses and coaching services along with test series for 200 or more exams. One of the main purposes for the preferability of the Testbook among applicants getting ready for government exams is that it offers probably the largest assortment of free online test series and quizzes for the aspirants to attempt and practice as many questions as possible.

Furthermore, it brings 100 plus online courses for more than 200 competitive exams. These courses incorporate live as well as recorded videos from the best-experienced instructors, exam strategy classes, Study notes and PFDs, practice sets, quizzes and mock tests with detailed performance summary and solutions.

Moreover, the application offers regularly updated current affairs for different exams. This alongside the courses and test series are refreshed routinely.  Testbook permits aspirants to download videos to watch them offline, take individual notes, save significant tests and questions. Finally, it keeps the aspirants informed of the latest exam notifications and updates.

●    Udemy

Udemy is an E-learning platform offering a vast collection of 130000 paid and free courses from master educators in various fields. You can browse more than 2,000 different subjects and topics, including Programming, Artificial intelligence, Marketing, Data Science, Graphic Designing, Office Productivity, Business Operations and many more. The courses are designed to cater to the skill development needs of individuals working in various fields.

Apart from this, Udemy also offers courses and video lessons on lifestyle, yoga, Personal development, Photography, Video editing and production and more.

●      upGrad

It is one of India’s biggest online learning platforms giving advanced education through industry or career applicable courses. Founded in 2015, it has joined forces with multiple top colleges and universities around the globe to give different courses in different fields and occupations including Data Science, Management, Technology, Law, Marketing, Blockchain and many more, so professional along with students can ceaselessly update their aptitudes and skills to stay apt and to accomplish their individual vocational objectives. With a user-friendly, robust and specialized platform, industrial-based educational programs, best quality mentorship and job placement services, it has become a top player in the internet learning framework in India.

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