Here, I explain to how much do YouTubers Make? And YouTube is so famous and many people do the Google search for how to start a YouTube channel this search is at all time high and now you start a YouTube channel or normally want to know that how much do YouTubers make see below guide all tips available for this guide.

If you are thinking to start earning from the Internet then we recommend you YouTube. So, you start your channel then there must be the best beginning for that your first step should be your Introduction and there number of free YouTube intro maker app and software available in the market.

The CPM or we can say in simple words revenue per 1000 views can vary from $0.25 to $4 depending on the different factors like your source country and type of video, the price for specific ads and many more things that is best thing considered for you.

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

Now, there are two ways to make money on YouTube see below guide.


Method 1: YouTube Partner Program

Now, you start or play any video on YouTube you may notice 5-10 sec ads after that is the YouTube ads and this is the most popular way to making revenue on YouTube. all you have to do is upload an original video which should in best quality content. If your channel is eligible you can see an option of monetization in the channel settings.

Google is the only one who shows ads on your videos and you get some good percentage of income from advisement. The percentage is divided into 55-45. So if an advertiser pays 100$ for ads on your channel video then Goggle take 45$ for providing you hosting and other stuff while you will get 55$ that is good.

Method 2:

Now this option is only for the big YouTubers who have so many subscribers and viewers and the simple word we are saying that if your channel becomes then various brands approach the content creator to promote their products that will be perform for form of a sponsored video, product placement. The industry will pay $400-$2000 per sponsored video that is best all time.

YouTube Pays YouTubers per View

Now YouTubers links Google Ad sense to their channel and they make 55% of the ad revenue. YouTube Charges advertisers when a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad after typically charges around $18 per view and after Even if you have 1000 views on your video and 15% actually watch the ad after then you should have 150 paid views.

How do YouTubers get paid?

Here, no withdrawal option is provided for YouTubers in Ad Sense and when you have more than $100 actually $100 is the minimum amount, the money will be paid directly to YouTubers bank account on a monthly basis.

Now some list for most successfully YouTube Channel like for Michelle Pham, Smosh, and Grace Helbig that is best all time.

Now you all have a good idea of how much do YouTubers Make? But YouTube is not that easy because Production cost is very high which includes camera, editing, lighting, studio and many more things and the returns are not so good for the beginners this thing considered for you all time.

Here, completed guide for how much do YouTubers Make? And you read this guide very helpful for you.