Gambling has always been the companion of people for many centuries. Gambling helped people before the advent of modern technology to get acquainted, get closer, have fun in the company, and abstract from the hardships of everyday life. Interestingly, after many centuries, at present, the purpose of gambling has not changed. We all also strive to play to pass the time, have fun with friends, and just relax. If we are talking about gambling, then slot machines cannot be ignored. Their story begins in 1898 when the American inventor Charles Frey presented to the world a prototype of a modern slot machine with 3 reels and 5 printed symbols. In a short time, slot machines captured the whole world, because initially, they were an extremely interesting game of chance, the essence of which was solely to test your luck.

Since then, slot machines have undergone many changes. The main change was the conversion of slot machines to digital format. It is also impossible not to mention the transition from classic casinos to social casinos, where gamblers play solely for excitement and emotions, and not for money. Every year, social casinos are becoming more and more popular, and free slots are reaching a new level. And one of the most popular free slots is a Legend of Zeus slot machine. Many gamblers around the world have already tried this free slot and come back to spin the reels again and again. Today we will talk about how you can try the Zeus slot machine without leaving home. Let’s get started!

What to expect from the legend of the Zeus slot machine?

The legend of Zeus slot machine appeared a long time ago. However, the age of this slot has only benefited. Over the years, he has become a cult and gained a huge army of fans. And it’s not just that. This slot, although it is a classic, can still surprise. You have 6 reels and 7 symbols at your disposal:

  • Zeus. Without a doubt, the main god on Olympus. Will give you the divine power of huge winnings.
  • Pegasus is a faithful companion of Zeus, a graceful stallion with snow-white wings that will lift your winnings high into the sky.
  • Griffin is a powerful guardian of your wealth. It will help not only to preserve but also to increase it.
  • The Temple of Zeus (Scatter) is a symbol of protection and stability. Will give you free spins.
  • The bowl of the gods is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Having drunk from it, you will doom yourself to wealth and success.
  • The harp is a symbol of pleasure. Enjoy the wonderful music of the divine harp and fabulous riches will find you.
  • The golden crown is a symbol of power and divine patronage. Put it on and your victories will become legendary.

Together with the Zeus slot machine, you can become a part of the ancient Greek legends about the powerful gods of Olympus. You will be able to climb Mount Olympus and get the power of Zeus in your hands.

If you are lucky enough to land the Temple of Zeus symbols on the reels, you will be awarded 50 free spins, and if you land again another 25 free spins. Moreover, on the mountains of Olympus, you can learn about the incredible generosity of the ancient Greek deities. Drop sticky Wild on your reels, you can be sure that you will get your reward. If sticky Wild won’t work, you don’t have to worry, because it will stay on your reels until you do it.

Where to play the legend of Zeus slot machine?

Now the industry of free slots is developing at a tremendous pace, as this area of gambling is becoming more and more popular among players. In this regard, every day the number of social casinos is growing exponentially. And, unfortunately, the greater the demand, the more scammers who want to fraudulently get your money. That is why it is so important to give preference to proven services with a good reputation and many satisfied players. All these qualities have a social casino Gambino slot. Gambino Slots is a proven social casino with thousands of active players around the world. Only here you will find such a huge variety of slots for every taste. Over 130 free slots await you at Gambino Slots. Including, of course, and legend of the Zeus slot machine.

All you need to start spinning the drum is any device with internet access. You will need to either install the Gambino app Slots in one of the app stores: Google Play, Microsoft Store, iTunes, and Amazon or go directly to the official Gambino website Slots and press the “Play Now” button. Nothing is easier than to start enjoying the game with Gambino Slots!

Gambino community now! Get 200 free spins and 100k gold coins for joining Gambino slots. We wish you good luck and great victories. See you on the Olympus!

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