The default settings logo on iPhone is perfect, but it would be fun to have an aesthetic Settings icon on iOS home screen according to the theme. With iOS 14 last year, Apple added the new feature change or replaced the app icon.

Also, the widgets are making the iPhone home screen even aesthetic. People are coming with fantastic home screen designs. For that, many websites are offering app icon packs. But it is a fool to buy a whole pack for one Settings logo. Considering the need of users, here we have collected some Settings icon aesthetic styles to match your iPhone home screen theme. These settings app icons are free to download. Without further ado, let’s check out this list and find the best settings aesthetic icon for iOS!


Best Settings Icon Aesthetic Download Free For iOS 14 & iOS 15

Settings Icon Aesthetic Pink

settings icon aesthetic black & white

settings icon aesthetic beige

settings icon aesthetic purple

settings icon aesthetic green

settings icon aesthetic blue

settings icon aesthetic neon

settings icon aesthetic red