Smartphones have revolutionized how breaking news is disseminated. For those following the latest in sports leagues around the world, diverse apps deliver on personalized news feeds, obscure sports, and cheeky articles.

For the most part, apps like ESPN and LiveScore look to keep fans updated. Some offer live streaming and updates, while others focus on trade rumors and injury lists. Regardless, the content can be a bit dry.

What about casual sports fans who are more interested in niche statistics, home kits from the 80s, or the intersection of AI and sports simulation games? With over 2.2 million apps available for iOS users and nearly 3.5 million available for Android users, app developers have created more than a handful of creative options.

Let’s take a look at five of the most unique sporty activities available for Android and iPhone users.

Analyze Players & Teams to Bet Smart

Though most sports fans have had access to mobile sportsbooks for years, US sports fans have only recently been able to access moneylines and point spreads via smartphone. In 2018, the US government repealed a federal ban on sports betting, resulting in online sports betting PA, NJ, and MI market launches.

Want to put your own analyses to the test or consult a famous pundit first? Aren’t even sure what a moneyline or point spread is? Don’t worry, most US-based apps include handy beginner guides to show you the ropes.

Study Stats to Build a Fantasy Team

Sportsbooks provide stats-happy sports fans the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test and possibly even earn a payout in the process. A fantasy league is a bit more involved; rather than wager on a single event, fantasy leagues run concurrently with the live sport.

Depending on what sport you’re following, there will be a suitable app. ESPN fantasy football and Yahoo fantasy football are popular in the US, while FIFA football covers the ‘other’ football (soccer). And don’t forget about DFS providers, who simulate full seasons in shortened periods.

Connect With Other Fans

For the casual sports fan, there’s nothing better than chatting about a big game or rumored trade. Most followers spend the off-season speculating about potential changes for the upcoming season, as well as building a wish-list for their team.

Apps like Balltalk and Fancred put the fan’s experience and perspective first. The apps allow users to create forums where they can meet other fans, create chat groups during live matches, and post live videos and broadcasts.

Play a Ridiculous Simulation

Realistic simulations are popular games on smartphones, as well as PC and console gaming. However, one of the most unique gaming experiences for sports fans are the highly absurd simulation games for smartphones, from giant robot basketball to ‘golf for people who hate golf’.

Two of the most popular and highly-regarded are Behold the Kickmen (a play on European soccer) and Blaseball (a play on in-depth fantasy leagues).

Test Your Knowledge With Trivia

Trivia is a solid way to stay entertained while building knowledge. For sports fans with plenty of historical knowledge of their favorite team or league, it’s even a way to score a few freebies at trivia night.

Similar to ridiculous simulations, each sport has its own trivia app. Soccer fans will have the most varied options, as the sport is the most popular in the world. North American sports fans won’t have trouble finding other options, from hockey to baseball.

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