The classic Solitaire card game used to be an escape from work and boredom for decades. People have spent hours solving this game on their PC, and when Spider Solitaire was included in the mix, the game’s popularity increased by leaps and bounds. The game is one of the best ways to pass your time, and you can play it to develop a skill since it is a skill-based game. The luck factor is only limited to the cards dealt, but you need to utilize your skills to find the best ways to solve the deck after they have been dealt. The future outcome of the game depends on the moves you choose to make when there are multiple options.

For instance, if you choose to click on the stockpile and get fresh new cards to be your first move, the game’s outcome might not be the same as if you had first arranged the face-forward cards and used the moves available to you.

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While there are different variants of Spider Solitaire, the most addictive and widely played is the one-suit Spider Solitaire. A standard deck of playing cards is used in the one-suit version, and only one suit and the color are in play. So, while arranging the deck, players don’t have to worry about the suit or the color of the cards. They can solely concentrate on the best ways to organize the cards faster than their opponents.

Furthermore, this version is the most preferred variant in the online gaming world because the game can be finished quickly. The one-suit Spider Solitaire is a multiplayer game with a countdown timer in the online world. If more suits were involved, it would be difficult for gamers to finish a match within 5-minutes. So, gamers prefer to play Spider Solitaire with only one suit when the stakes are high. However, two-suit and three-suit matches are also played by those seeking a bit more challenge.

If your interest has been piqued and you wish to know why this game is so addictive, some of the reasons are given below.

The Game Is Straightforward, Easy To Learn, And Scores High Points

Spider Solitaire is addictive because it is easy to learn the ropes. You don’t have to go through pages of complicated rules. If you play a few games, you can get the hang of it and even become skilled at solving the deck quickly to score higher than your opponent.

As you start winning a few games and become skillful, you will get a dopamine rush. You might get addicted to this dopamine rush as you beat opponents or even your high score.

You Are Provided With New Goals With Every Match

It takes some skill and time to get good at solving Spider Solitaire decks. It is not a game that you might get addicted to right away, but it will take time. The game will grow on you as you play a few matches and solve a few decks. You will see how your skills are improving with time, and therefore, you will want to improve even more. You would want to beat your high scores and create new records with time.

Hence, it is safe to say that Spider Solitaire is responsible for fueling one’s dopamine receptors in the brain and the more you score, the better is the dopamine rush. If you keep testing your skills, the dopamine rush will get stronger.

The Game Offers You A Release From Boredom

Spider Solitaire is a relaxing game, and it offers an easy escape from boredom. When you have a surplus of free time, you can become addicted to playing this card game. The game will keep you hooked for hours, and it is an engaging activity that will help you pass your time.

While the game doesn’t feature any flashy images or exciting animations, the game is quietly attractive and user-friendly. The user interface is intuitive, and navigating the game is easy. The controls are straightforward. So, you don’t have to think much about hitting play.

The Game Offers You An Escape From Life’s Daily Monotony

Most gamers use Spider Solitaire to escape reality or the monotony of daily life. The boredom of the workplace or the daily stresses of life might be too much to bear if you don’t have an escape. That’s where Spider Solitaire comes to the rescue. Whenever a match finishes, you can start another and keep yourself engaged. You don’t have to think about the things stressing you out but concentrate on rearranging the cards and solving the deck.

You can even use the game as an excellent distraction to keep your mind occupied, so you don’t have to think about things going wrong in your life. As you arrange and assemble the cards ascendingly, you will slowly forget your worries. All you will care about is scoring more than your opponent and proving your supremacy.

Where to play Spider Solitaire

If you’re ready to play Spider Solitaire, there are numerous online options to play both on the web and on a mobile app. We recommend trying:

  • Solitaired – Their Spider Solitaire game has a game of the day that you can incorporate in your routine, and see how your scores compare against others
  • MPL Spider Solitaire – Play Spider Solitaire and win money
  • MobilityWare Spider Solitaire – An excellent mobile app for playing Spider Solitaire

The Bottom Line

Spider Solitaire is one of the most addictive games, especially the one-suit variant. The one-suit version is played quickly, the rules are simple, and you can get the hang of it in no time. Even apps allow you to participate in money-making tournaments and contests. So, you can enjoy yourself while earning some money.

Give it a try to understand why the world is going gaga over this seemingly simple game.