Some Crucial Points of Writing Essay

We are accustomed to use oral language and to deal with a vocabulary that is sometimes too restricted. But one day we will face the need to present ourselves in writing. Our evaluator, whether a teacher or a staff manager, will discover through our words how we think, how we act, how we manage in the world of the word. It is then the moment to go to our trunk of memories and look for those forgotten tools that have to do with the structuring of language.


The first thing to keep in mind is the consistency in our ideas. For this we must first of all clarify our ideas, look for material in books or magazines that help us forge a sustained idea. While we are thinking about our essay we will find a number of ideas that come in disorderly form through our mind. It is time for brainstorming.


Leave your paper at hand as you search for information and write down everything you discover that might be useful to develop later.


It is now necessary to sort these ideas clearly and precisely. Remember that you should never lose the coherence of your thinking.

Use affirmative sentences. Do not manifest doubts. Do not give an opinion. Show your absolute security about what you are going to develop later. It is your foundation stone.

Use one paragraph for each idea. Justify with clear reasoning your ideas. Choose the gradation you want to give your ideas. In this case, you can get your help freely. You can get help from some professional third parties. For example, on this site you will be answered to your questions about the college essay through online chat.

    Do not repeat what was stated in the introduction. Be blunt in your words.In drafting a plan you will choose the synthesis scheme that you prefer where you clearly see the development that you are going to give the hypothesis raised in the introduction.


    You will not always be in a favorable situation when writing an essay. Sometimes the topic will overflow because you will not know how to approach him, what aspects to include and which to ignore. The plan should then determine the priorities:

    • chronological, marking the development throughout history.

    • Logics, supported by coherently developed reasoning.

    • flowing from the general to the particular.


Each paragraph will develop an idea. It is useful to follow the same outline as for the full text. In the first sentence the topic of the paragraph will be presented with an affirmation that will then be based on the ideas expressed in the rest of the paragraph. The last sentence should act as a conclusion. Prayers should vary in length. Alternating short and forceful sentences with long and composed ones will give dynamism. The essence of a paragraph is its logical development of ONE theme.


Remember that your essay is your cover letter. It should have your stamp, your ideas, and your way of thinking. It will not be several ideas united but ONE idea developed and defended throughout your work. If you have enough time immerse yourself in the subject before writing. One of the most interesting results of this work is to compel the author to think deeply about the chosen subject, to explore his conscience in search of clear judgments and his unconscious in search of impressions that he had never before imagined.


The language must be literal, clear, structured with proper sentences, without more adjectives of emotive type (alarming, scandalous). The sentences will be affirmative; there will be no ambiguities or doubts.


Consistency is the logical organization of each of the parts of a discourse and of those parts to each other. This is possible if there is internal cohesion of each unit (sentence or paragraph); related to other units also cohesive, form the total coherence of the text.

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