If you are thinking to buy the latest model of your favorite phone but low on budget, the Mobile monster has a solution for you. The mobile monster provides you the opportunity to trade in your old phone and get the payment for it. Selling your old phone can be a complicated process, trade in your phone to make the selling process simpler and easy. Through this service, users can list their phone for the sale and get the money for it immediately.

If the device is in a new or working condition then the device is used for reselling purpose. However, if the device is in a dead condition then it is recycled responsibly. Once the user has sent their device after completing the online process, the user will get the payment amount within 24 hours. User can select their phone from the listed phones on the website, if your phone is a recently released phone and it’s not listed on thewebsite, user can send an email to Mobile Monster for that.

Sell your phone/mobile/device

The process of selling your phone on the Mobile Monster is quite simple. User has to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Mobile monster
  • Enter the name of the device in the textbox. Select the name of the device from the drop-down menu
  • Select the condition of the selected phone. Users can choose from three options for your phone’s current condition, as new, working or dead. If a user accidentally select the wrong option while selling or device fails the condition test, the mobile monster will offer a revised price to the user, if a user rejects the revised price, then the mobile monster can send the device back free of charge
  • A price offer for your device will be displayed
  • In the next step, the user has to enter some specifications regarding the device
  • In the next step, the user has to enter his/her contact details
  • Finally, you can finish the process to sell & trade in your phone
  • After reviewing the phone against the description that the user has entered, payment will be sent to the user

The user also gets frequent updates about the progress of their selling process. You will get the fairest selling price for their phones and the selling process is also transparent. Different models of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc, and Google can be sold by using this method. The user also doesn’t have to pay for the postage price; it is covered by the Mobile monster. Once the user has sent the device will be checked by the team. Users will get the payment using a PayPal account. PayPal charges a 2.6% + 30C service fee while receiving payment through the process of sell & trade in your phone.


Through this method, the user can sell their latest gadgets at a very amazing price. This selling process is fast, simple and more secure as compared to the traditional selling process.

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