Sometimes, we all have a little bit too much spare time on our hands. Whether we are waiting for a plane or are simply bored, it can be easy to just daydream our life away or spend hours looking through the emojis on our smartphones. This is where mobile apps can be a complete lifesaver!

You aren’t just wasting your time either, as these apps can help with memory, focus and will definitely keep you entertained. So, you might want to download these apps in preparation for having a little bit too much time on your hands…

1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is like electronic Scrabble
Words With Friends is like electronic Scrabble

Caption: Words With Friends is like electronic Scrabble

Words With Friends is the perfect way to kill time whilst dusting up those vocabulary skills. In this word game, you either play against your friends or other players online. The aim of the game is to create words with your set of letters, scoring points against your opponent.

This game is the perfect way to challenge yourself whilst filling up your spare time. You’ll soon become a vocabulary whizz and you’ll have Words With Friends to thank for it!

2. PokerStars

Poker mobile apps, such as the one from PokerStars, are a brilliant way to distract and challenge your mind whenever you have time to yourself. The PokerStars app allows you to play poker against millions of other people online, wherever you are in the world.

Poker is a brilliant way to improve your memory and strategy skills whilst providing a challenge that will really boost your overall concentration. It really isn’t a bad way to fill up that extra spare time…

3. Crossy Road

This insanely addictive app has been around for some time now, but it really is a great way to distract yourself through those periods of boredom. This game is essentially the same as the classic Frogger game, you must get to the other side of the never-ending road by jumping and dodging traffic.

The game is so simple and yet so fun to play. It’s not just a simple time-waster either, it’s a brilliant way to ramp up those reaction skills that could really benefit you in life.

4. Dots

Sometimes keeping it simple really is best. Dots is a puzzle game where you are required to connect the dots. We told you it was simple! The only rule is that you can only connect the same colored dots together, either vertically or horizontally.

It may sound easy enough, but the levels gradually increase in difficulty, requiring the player to really put some thought behind what their next move could be. You will find that this game pushes your brain hard and it’s not quite as easy as it looks.

5. Netflix

Netflix on the go
Netflix on the go

We can’t talk about time-wasting with mentioning Netflix, right?! As you probably already know, Netflix is a video on demand service that shows the latest and greatest TV shows and movies. It’s the perfect app to immerse yourself in whilst you find yourself inundated with too much spare time.

Netflix can be a great way to expand your mind, learn about other cultures and even watch some educational programs. So it really isn’t a waste of time, we promise!

6. Need for Speed No Limits

If you prefer to get your adrenaline pumping in your spare time, then a racing game might be more up your street. Need for Speed No Limits really does have it all, with loads of amazing cars to be driven and over 1,000 races to take part in, this app will certainly keep you busy.

Racing games are a great way to keep that adrenaline going, boost concentration and your reaction skills. One tiny slip up could cost you winning the race so it’ll definitely improve your focus.

7. SimCity Buildit

If you prefer to fill your spare minutes or hours with a bit of time management and strategy, then SimCity Buildit is the perfect app. You are in control of building your very own buzzing city, every single decision you make is important for the future of your city.

You are tasked to keep the city successful, residents happy and resolve any conflicts. It’s the perfect game to test your strategy and concentration skills. It will also help you to understand how cities are operated – much more than just a time-waster!