As cautious human beings, we are always on the lookout for ingenuity before investing in a product, especially items like pieces of clothing, accessories, etc. So, if you recently came across Roselinlin and have been wondering whether or not the brand is worth the time, you are in the right place.

Like a lot of other fast fashion brands, even Roselinlin has been gaining immense traction and popularity. The highlight of this brand is how cheap things are. However, what you have to realize is that cheap doesn’t always equate to quality.

This article will look over the Roselinlin reviews and conclude whether or not the brand is genuine and worth the time.


What is Roselinlin?

Roselinlin is an emerging e-commerce clothing store that hosts trending men’s and women’s clothing items, accessories, and a lot more. The main focus of the website is on the clothing items but they are consistently diversifying their product listing.

The brand is rumored to be headquartered in the United Kingdom but there are a lot of complexities associated with the same that deserve to be addressed in detail. 

At this point, Roselinlin seems to be an emerging clothing brand with a repertoire that isn’t living up to people’s expectations at all.

What are the Customers Saying about Roselinlin?

There is a sudden surge in the availability of e-commerce clothing brands and Roselinlin seems to be one of them.

While people are consistently excited about getting access to cheaper clothing items, what we fail to realize are the consequences that come with it. The majority of the customers that have bought from the brand have reported that they aren’t satisfied with the quality of the items they bought.

However, you need to understand that you are paying a fraction of the price for a trending piece of clothing. So, if you pay $5 for a two-piece set, chances are that you will get one that’s worth $5. However, Roselinlin is also a brand that promotes fast fashion, which means that it isn’t environmentally conscious.

Roselinlin does have an “authentic” website in the sense that you get to choose an item, pay for it and then buy it. However, their establishment seems to be quite sketchy.

Is Roselinlin Legit?

Well, people that have bought items from Roselinlin have reported that they have received the items. If we put the quality of the items aside, the next thing worth focusing on is the company’s registration and headquarters.

According to their website, Roselinlin is based out of Essex, U.K. However, most users have reported that the address mentioned on the website doesn’t exist. Besides that, the contact page of the website doesn’t have any phone number. You have a random email ID and that’s it.

So, a first look at the website does raise a lot of eyebrows, making you question the authenticity of the platform in general.


Roselinlin is gaining traction due to its trendy collection of clothing and cheap prices. However, we’d recommend that you practice caution when buying from the website. Since there are certain sketchy elements on the website and the reviews aren’t innately positive, it’s better to not waste your money for nothing.

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