It is not every day that you see a lot of questions on the internet concerning an e-commerce clothing brand. Blaroken has been making rounds in the media and for the right reasons. 

Although the brand has stood out with its unique gear and merchandise, you can’t deny the fact that the brand has been under public scrutiny a lot. Harboring mixed reviews on their platform, the most common question that people have is wondering if the platform is legit or a scam.

This article will delve further into it, explore the hits and misses and unveil all that you need to know about and its operation.


What is is a trending e-commerce platform that sells clothing items for both men and women. But, the catch is that the products available are suited for adventure and outdoor activities.

So, for example, if you are going on a hike and want some good-quality hiking gear, you will find that on

The company hasn’t been around for long but is quickly establishing its footprint in the market. What’s great is that the platform is quite comprehensive and organized. Everything that you wish to buy is categorized, making it easier for you to tap and purchase.

As for the foundation of the company, has its headquarters in Guangzhou, China. There isn’t any public information regarding who owns the brand though.

What are the Highlights of

Now that you know a bit about and the kind of benefits it offers, let us walk you through the highlights of this brand.

The following are the ones worth considering:

  • The platform offers access to tactical gear for both men and women.
  • For every minimum order value, the customers get access to a gift.
  • If you want to save money, the platform has a dedicated sale section on the platform.
  • They offer international shipping, which means that you can purchase the product from anywhere.
  • For every minimum order, you get free shipping access and save some extra coins.
  • The easy payment options including PayPal make things a lot easier.

Having these highlights sorted should give you an idea that the company is legit. 

What do the Customers Think about

When it comes to assessing the authenticity and functionality of, seeing what the customers are saying is what makes all the difference. 

Besides their original website, Blaroken has a lot of reviews across different review websites too, which you can refer to.

Like most e-commerce clothing brands, even has mixed reviews. Some praise the product and the quality and processing and others aren’t fond of the products.

However, we’d recommend that you be the judge of the website after you make your purchases. Since that’s the best and the only way to gauge what would work and what wouldn’t.

Is Worth the Hassle? does come with its fair bit of warning. However, we’d recommend that you try out the products yourself before reaching any conclusion.

Since the products are super affordable and they are easily delivered, there’s no harm in trying things out by yourself. 

Also, the diverse range of products that are available on the website is what makes it stand out and makes it worth a try. If you are wondering where to access their products, everything is available on


Overall, has made the rounds in the media. If you have been meaning to purchase the products available on their website, we’d recommend you give it a go. Sometimes, you never know how things pan out and you might be left with good outdoor clothing gear for a cheaper price.

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