J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse

If your current mouse isn’t cutting it in terms of comfort, maybe it’s time to try a vertical mouse. That’s exactly what I did when I tested the J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse recently. It has a few impressive accolades under its belt, from a near perfect 5/5 stars from over 800 users on Amazon to being called the “Best Overall Vertical Ergonomic Mouse” on Ergonomic Trends. So I decided to try out the mouse myself to see just how different- and if any better – it is compared to my regular horizontal mouse.


Purported Benefits of a Vertical Mouse

Using a traditional computer mouse puts your arm in a pronated posture where the muscles in your forearm contract more, creating tension, fatigue, aches, and pain. Changing to a vertical mouse supposedly reduces pressure on nerves and tendons when you’re working, as you no longer need to twist your wrist to operate the mouse. There is less tension in your forearm, and your hand is more relaxed.

J-Tech Digital V628 Reviewed

The V628 is an ergonomic vertical mouse best suited for right-handed people. When you hold the mouse, your index- and middle finger rest on the left and right buttons with the scroll wheel being in between. Your thumb easily accesses two additional buttons for going back and forth. The placement of the backward and forward buttons on either side of the thumb is ideal for anyone experiencing wrist or hand fatigue when using a regular mouse.

Digital V628

The J-Tech Digital V628’s design is a mix of mouse and joystick, designed to cushion the wrist. Your hand wraps comfortably around the ABS material, a texture which gives a better grip and which offers resistance to impact.

It took me some time to get used to the J-Tech Digital V628, but with consistent use, I quickly started to see the benefits of its design. There was the very little twisting of my wrist as I moved the cursor around the screen the entire day. The removable palm rest provides additional support for my wrist, acting as a cushion to avoid straining your muscles.

The mouse stands at 5.8 inches tall and its larger size makes it easier to grip – for some. There are users who may find it somewhat difficult to rest their fingers on the buttons, and it is also not suited for gaming.         

The J-Tech Digital V628 has adjustable sensitivity, and the DPI button lets you change effortlessly between 3 DPI levels – 600/1000/1600. Switching the DPI levels between 600/1000/1600 adjusts the mouse’s responsiveness.

The Digital V628 is compatible with Linux as well as Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista 7 and 8 and fits for laptop, desktop, Mac-Book as well as other devices.

After a couple of weeks with the J-Tech V628, here is my list of Pros and Cons for the mouse:


1#. The Digital V628 with vertical handshake design does put my wrist in a more natural position over a regular mouse.

2#. Because of the thumb position, other buttons are easily accessible.

3#. It is available in wired and wireless options. I opted for the wired version.

4#. Optical tracking with 3 sensitivity levels is very handy depending on the type of work you’re doing at the moment.


1#. The mouse isn’t ambidextrous and there isn’t a left-hand version.

2#. It is uncomfortable and awkward when first using it.


Having bought this mouse a month ago, my research has paid off and I have noticed some improvement with minor pain in my wrists after long hours using the computer. Difficult to adapt to at first, perseverance has paid off, and first-time clumsiness has been replaced by accuracy and smoothness.

The J-Tech V628 is worth it, and the cool LED light gives the mouse a trendy, professional appearance wherever you use it. A vertical ergonomic mouse like the V628 will put your hand and wrist in a neutral position instead of the twisted position you get with a regular mouse.

Not everyone has the same computing requirements, but I have spent a lot of time at my desk, putting my wrists into a compromising position each day and also for extended periods of time. To fix the problem, I researched different ergonomic mice and found the J-Tech V628 to be the answer for my mousing woes.

If you’ve to experience wrist pain, this is a mouse worth trying.