Do you love playing Pokemon Showdown but are tired of training a Pokemon team for a battle? It’s time to put the struggle to an end with PokePaste. This series of texts now enables you to import a team of six well-trained Pokemon to Pokemon Showdown, thus saving you time and energy.

But since the concept is fairly new, most gamers do no know where to get this Pastebin and how to utilize its benefits. If you encounter the same trouble and need help figuring out the instructions to download and use PokePaste, your search ends here.

To make this task a breeze, we have mapped out the guidelines that may help you download and use PokePaste. Scroll through the page and pen down the steps to get started.

Pokepaste Download Guide – Here are the steps to follow!!

Before we jump downloading the PokePaste, remember that it’s not directly available over the web, and you must do some additional workarounds to get it. It is a kind of hack and requires a bit of legwork.

To utilize Pokepaste, gamers can install a plugin, namely “Pokepaste to Essentials,” which helps convert a Pokepaste to Pokemon instantaneously. Here’s how to install the plugin.

  • Initiate the process by adding a script in the event, in the name of genteam(file, inf, sup). Here, the file simply refers to the Pokepaste, inf, and sup are the Pokemon you want to add. Remember that the file (Pokepaste) must be in the game’s root folder.

Let’s understand this with an example. If a player wants to share or add the first six Pokemon, then inf must be 0, and sup will be set to 6. However, if you don’t know how many Pokemon you wish to share, then add the sup value to 10000, and it still works.

Note: If you want to use Pokepaste without the hassle of downloading, simply go to the and paste the values to get Pokemon. Once you add the value, enter the title, author, and notes and tap on “submit paste”. Make sure to enter the correct format to avoid any hassle later on.

How to Use Pokepaste?

Using Pokepaste is simple as long as you follow the appropriate format. It helps you import a team of Pokemon directly to the Pokemon battle simulator, so you can kick off the battle without wasting your efforts in team building.

All you have to do is either install the plugin or open the website directly to enter the text strings. Be careful about the format, as one error, and your dream of importing a Pokemon fades away.

The format is as follows:

Clefable (M) @ Choice Band

Ability: Beast Boost

EVs: 252 Spe/ 4 Atk

Hasty Nature

Let’s elaborate on the text string, piece by piece, to make you understand its meaning.

Here, Clefable (M) @ Choice Band is the Pokemon name and item that the specific Pokemon is holding. Clefable is the nickname, M is the gender (male), and @ signifies that Clefable is holding an item. Make sure to spell the Pokemon name correctly.

Next comes the ability. Mention the usable ability of the Pokemon you desire and mention it in the text string. The next line comprises the EV. Selecting the EV depends on the Pokemon.

Finally, you must mention the nature of the Pokemon. Remember not to put any additional symbol when mentioning nature; otherwise, it might reflect an error message.


That’s all about downloading and using Pokepaste. It is a helpful tool, mainly designed for saving a couple of hours which players often waste in team building. The best thing about this plugin lies in its smooth and user-friendly interface.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to import a team of Pokemon. All you know is the accurate format of the text string. Moreover, this tool is free from annoying advertisements, so you can type the text strings and get the job done in seconds.

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