Queerdle is all the rage amongst the LGBTQ+ community, serving as a gay spin-off of the famous Wordle. And wait, not just the game, but the difficulty level of this word game has jumped from 100 to 500.

This LGBTQ2S+ word game is spreading a wave of joy worldwide, leaving the players guessing for a long while. It is created by a Chicago-based programmer, Jordan Bouvier. Although the game is inspired by Wordle, it has much more to offer, and queer people can’t get enough of this fun alternative.

So, if you are tired of solving Wordle and looking for the best and worthy alternative, move to Queerdle and see what it offers. Scroll down the page and find everything you want to know about the gay “yassification” of Wordle.

Queerdle – What’s the hype all about?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Queerdle, the cult word game that has swept the globe. It is the latest (worthy, of course) Wordle variation gaining popularity on social media.

This clone of the popular Wordle describes itself as a yassification of Wordle, and mainly focuses on the LGBTQ+ community, taking references from famous shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race.

According to the developer of Queerdle, this game is similar to Wordle but with a great camp twist. The terms are all from LGBTQ+ culture, ranging from simple five-letter words to more complex ones. Players can also submit words for approval to be added to the canon. Overall, it is an interesting game with a twist, making you feel hooked and keep guessing to kill time.

Unlike the app-based game, Queerdle’s point of attraction lies in its one-and-done approach. Most gamers have attributed its popularity to social media sharing. This game has also spawned several creative knock-offs, which pick its word of the day.

A Quick Introduction to the Queerdle Gameplay

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to cast some light on the Queerdle gameplay to get a better image.

Like Wordle, this game also offers six chances to guess the word correctly. It highlights in gray when you get a letter wrong, green when it’s correct, and yellow if it’s the right letter but in the wrong place. The word resets every 24 hours. 

However, unlike Wordle, you can suggest your words for consideration, and they will be added if approved by Canon. If you get the word right, you’ll get a pop-up, saying, “Shantay you stay.

In addition to lights, Queerdle depicts symbols to show the results. For example, snakes for correct answers, coconut for wrong answers, and bananas for right letter, wrong place.

Are you ready to play the game? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Open the browser of your choice and visit the official site of Queerdle.
  2. Upon arrival on the website, you’ll be given some basic instructions about the game. Read these guides thoroughly to avoid any confusion.
  3. Once you read them, tap the Close button, and start playing the game. Players will be given chances to guess the answer. They have to fill the first row with a random word and click Enter.
  4. Once done, the tiles under the letter change to either green, yellow, or gray. Here, green means the letter is placed at the right spot. Yellow means the letter has been placed incorrectly, and gray means the letter doesn’t appear in the word.

Note: Players are suggested to follow these hints to find the correct word. The interesting thing is that whenever an unknown word is entered into the game, the system applauds your wits by saying that you are pretty sharp to guess.

  • Once the game is over, Queerdle displays two messages at the end, based on if the player has won or lost the quiz. If you won the game, you’ll get the message – Shantay, you stay; otherwise, the system reflects I’m sorry, my dear, Sashay away.
  • Like Wordle, players can share this result on their social media handles. The game updates with a new word every 24 hours, so you can try your luck and wits every day and test your knowledge.

What if you guess an unregistered word?

Although Queerdle’s database contains millions of words, it still might be possible that you guess a word that’s not been registered in the system. In that case, you’ll get a notification, saying You are pretty sharp to guess that word!!

This notification proves that you know more words than their system. Your points won’t be deducted, and even you can showcase your talent by taking a screenshot. But keep in mind that the chances of appearing such notification are rare, as the system contains the maximum number of words you can know or guess.

How Queerdle and Wordle are different from each other?

Although Queerdle describes itself as the yassification for Wordle and is referred to be the most successful Wordle clone, both games are different and feature noticeable differences. Let’s elaborate on a few of them here.

First of all, Queerdle has somehow managed to create a truly perfect clone that is aesthetically well-made in terms of appearance and resources. It has a different color setting, theme, and appearance, making it different than Wordle.

Secondly, Queerdle features the varying character length of the daily word. Unlike Wordle, the answer length can vary from four to eight letters.

The next thing you must know is that Queerdle is based on a carefully curated word list, chosen by the developer himself. Unlike Wordle, this game also accepts suggestions from players, which are regularly added to the source word list.

On top of everything, Queerdle has a clear NSFW tag, making it more like a ticking bomb of queer words of all sizes, natures, and types. Players often struggle to find the mystery word of the day, and the varying length of the word doesn’t help the process either.

Tips and Tricks to Play Queerdle

Have you recently started playing Queerdle and facing difficult when guessing words? Don’t worry, as we have brought to you a list of effective tips and tricks to increase the likelihood of winning. Check them out and try to follow these tips as much as possible when playing a game.

  • Start with the same word every time

It’s suggested to start with the same word every time when solving the mystery. While it doesn’t guarantee success, it can still give you a baseline strategy for every game. Moreover, it increases the chances of picking the right word on your first try.

  • Expand your knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community

Since the game is the gay yassification of Wordle and is primarily based on the LGBTQ+ community, it’s good to expand your knowledge about the community and see if it helps to play Queerdle.

  • Pick two very different words for the first two lines

Another random trick to increase your chances of winning is to pick two very different words for the first two lines and see if it does the trick. Try to use words with no connection to each other to fund success in Queerdle.


Queerdle is one of the many Wordle clones sprung up since this word game was released and gained attention. It might not be as flawless as the original Wordle, but the game is a great jumping-off point for those in and out of the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, it’s a great way to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community while keeping yourself involved.

Remember that the game is slightly more challenging than Wordle; hence, you must use your wits to guess the word. To look for hints, always start with a word that it commonly heard or used.

Queerdle is still in progress, and you can expect occasional bugs and glitches when playing the game. The code isn’t as righteous as the official game, and neither is its vocabulary. But despite all the odds, it is still the best alternative to Wordle and is worth trying.

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