Gaming evolution has tremendously taken over in the entertainment world. It has become a highly profitable business all over the world. Due to the ever-changing technology, gaming has integrated into mobile phones. Therefore, it has made it easier for gamers to play often. Since the launching of gaming in the early 50s, the technology has undergone various changes to evolve.

Here are 5 remarkable changes that have occurred in the gaming industry.


1. The Atari and Arcade Gaming Company Era

Prior to the Atari and arcade gaming company, gaming was home-based. The Atari Company saw the opportunity to develop the gaming to fit a large community. Due to the changing technology, the Atari gaming company came up with the first electronic game known as pong. The renowned company also developed arcade machines. The new machines were available in bars, shopping malls, among other recreational places all over the world. This led to the emergence of new gaming companies.

2. Evolution of Gaming Multiplayer

As gaming became popular in bars among other places, players became competitive. Each player sets a higher record than the other players. Unfortunately, the gaming technology had its own limitations. It did not allow several players to compete simultaneously.There was an emergence of a new technology known as Empire. The empire was a game that consisted of eight players competing on different screens. This was possible because the Empire was created on a Plato network system. In 1973, there was another evolution of a 3D multiplayer game known as Spasim for Plato.

3. Online Gaming Boom

In the early 1990s, online gaming was introduced. This was because the internet was becoming famous. In the mid-90s, there was a satellite modem peripheral that was introduced by Nintendo Console Company. This enabled gamers to download various games among other things.

Due to slow internet speed, gaming companies such as Atari were unable to prosper on online gaming. However, the Sega Dreamcast an internet console emerged. This led to a major breakthrough with online gaming. The release of Xbox in the mid-2000 offered a better internet access than Sega Dreamcast. Runescape console came around in the year 2001. This became a game changer for online gamers. Multiple players from all over the world were able to compete against each other simultaneously.

4. Modern Era of Gaming

With the ever-changing technology, gaming is catching up fast. The internet has become fast and accessible all over the world. This has led to the introduction of new games such as Game Table Hero among others. Internet consoles such as Xbox provide an improved technology for gamers to interact across the world.

5. Gaming Integrate On Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, especially smartphones are undergoing a rapid evolution. This has led gaming to integrate with the new technology. Gaming evolution is facing a tremendous development as people across the world are now using smartphones to play games. This has brought huge profits as more companies are emerging with new games.

The gaming industry is continuing to evolve as the world is changing fast. Gaming has seen its fair share of failure but it is still at the top eventually. Gaming is an industry that is facing a brighter future with huge profit ahead.

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