If you want to use Windows 10 and a tablet or phone with Android, there are a so many ways that you easy to run an app on your windows and android device together.

Let’s we start with some noted examples like to we can start a quick note on any smartphone and then finish it on your Windows 10 PC, or you can receive the same alert on both devices for an engagement.

However, we are going to start these Windows 10 friendly Android applications that are all from Microsoft arrived – and they are all free. Here are some of games and apps that very obtain the type of interoperability described above.

Before we start the android and windows play together first we need to be connected to each other with some applications with the same Microsoft online account and you easily to connect to your Windows 10 PC. While there are some popular games on both devices that easy to support an application. We like to choose one of my favorite game ever European roulette games that both Windows and Android which support this feature.  So what you say about, they are not well optimized.

Also, many websites secure their website with Https protocol. many websites such as express, eBay. and even online game sites. it is very important for the protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

1: Cortana: Synchronize reminders between your Windows PC and your Android device

How to Make Android and Windows Play Together

Well, we are starting with the Cortana app for Android that can be allowed to create the reminder and it will synchronize with your Windows PC and it will send notifications. So how can I set a reminder in the Cortana app, First of all, tap the icon located in the lower left part of the main screen of the application? a touch on the icon ” New reminder ” , After you wish you which reminder you want to set, and also set the time you want to be alert to this reminder, now you need to  enter any name that will activate this notification when you in person arrive at that reminder, or add an image to the reminder.

Next steps that you easy to clarify, the reminder will synchronize with your Windows 10 PC; For example, if you have the Calendar application anchored as a live tile end of a start menu, the reminder will appear in the Calendar application cover. After you can click on the time/date icon, in the Windows after a second 10 notification area, the remainder will show in a list in a side panel below a calendar.

Well, this works in overturn: If You can schedule reminders on your Windows 10 PC (as well through the Calendar or Cortana application) and that will come into view on your Android device through the Cortana application.

2: OneDrive: Access all files on Android and Windows Play Together

How to Make Android and Windows Play Together

Basically, the Microsoft come with their personal cloud storage is called OneDrive. One Drive is very useful as long backup storage which directly connects to your windows pc and also it is Android device to allow access all files.

The OneDrive Android app that we use as cloud storage with lets us easy to view and download documents or images that we already stored in your OneDrive folder. (Now you need to tap an image file or that show PDF on your OneDrive cloud folder, the OneDrive app will weight it in its own viewer. If you tap a document, like

Plain-text file or Word document, the document will be downloaded to your Android device and the non-payment app that you use to view this document format will load it.)

It’s all about How to Make Android and Windows Play Together If you have any query about it let me know blow comment box.

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