KAT.cr is a torrent downloading and uploading provider that deals in both torrents downloading and downloading of Meta link as well that users can download at either by way of a torrent client or any kind of download manager that simple means for KAT.CR.

KAT.cr is an independent torrent search engine that delivers the torrent files of all type and directly of torrents and never lends torrent from the other torrent providers that Is main advantage of using the KAT.cr is that it is among those few leading platforms that always comes with the fresh and latest content.

KAT.cr is some cases the recently released movie just after its first premier show and addition to movies, the torrent of original TV episodes, TV series, TV seasons, dramas, TV shows, games, books and lot of other stuff is the part of the directory of KAT. KAT has also the system for uploading the torrent files that is best all time for KAT.cr.


Top Alternative Sites like KAT.cr









1TorrentHounds (KAT.cr)

TorrentHounds are best alternative site and sniffing the best torrent available across the world of internet and no dearth of the torrent provider but getting the perfect one and the original one is a thing that matters most and TorrentHounds is the provider to thousands of torrent files and providing the torrent of the old movies and music that is best for KAT.cr.

2YifyTorrents (KAT.cr)

YifyTorrents are one of the most famous torrent portals over the internet where millions of torrent files and YifyTorrents only deals in movies only and do not bother to consider it for getting the registered software, games, music, TV shows, programs or for other purposes and it comes to movies and movies only then YifyTorrents will surely provide you that is best all time.

3Mininova (KAT.cr)

Mininova is the torrent engine and directory on the online market and easy-to-use directory and search engine for all types of torrent files and Mininova can anonymously upload torrents to this website and tracked by any BitTorrent tracker and this KAT.cr torrent files in the category of anime, books, games, movies, music, books, pictures, software, TV programs, TV shows and much more that is best all time.

4LimeTorrents (KAT.cr)

LimeTorrents is the verified torrent provider in the category of movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games and these torrents that are available at the independent platform of the LimeTorrents and LimeTorrents or directly going to the top torrents and latest torrent category that is best all time.


EZTV are best KAT.cr and new system of getting torrent files and way of directly downloading the torrent files or getting them automatically seed by using the torrent client and getting the RSS feed system of the EZTV and second one option is time and system memory consuming as EZTV will automatically start the downloading of the torrent file in the system of the users without even considering that is best for this torrent.

6Rarbg (KAT.cr)

Rarbg is a torrent search and index service website and Rarbg provides torrent files to peer-to-peer users for file sharing and data transfer using the popular BitTorrent protocol and popular among its users for trusted torrents but service have too many advertisements that are good for Rarbg.


Torrentz service is discontinued and Torrentz is used to be the leading torrent search engine the powerful and dependent search engine of torrent files and it is the one of the giant platforms of billions of torrent files that it has been continuously collecting from the almost three dozen torrent providers and Torrentz is a powerful and best.

Now completed guide for Top Alternative Sites like KAT.cr and you read this guide very helpful for you.