Now these tutorials for top keyboards for android and this time for millions of users download keyboards for android and using very well for android phone.

keyboards for Android

Now Sometimes the keyboard app that comes with your phone just not it and there are thousands to keyboards to choose from on the Google Play Store with fun themes, new features and support for other languages and it is also important to know the risks of key loggers and other malware by using a third-party input device, which is why Apple resisted third-party keyboard support for such a long time and this time third-party keyboard feels like a necessity for staying up to date on the latest features, including stickers, emojis, predictive text writing, and more added for Keyboards for android and very easy use for android keyboards.

keyboards for Android

Now everything you ever want from a touch keyboard is available for Android and multiple developers have released stunning options and these are a few of our favorites to all of the keyboards mentioned below offer additional features and best for all time keyboards for android.

Now you see below Best keyboards for Android and choose best keyboards for you and after download and install below best keyboards.

Best keyboards for Android

keyboards for Android


1. Gboard by Google

Now first for Gboard by Google and Essentially the stock Android keyboard available from Google Play for other devices and over the years Google has improved it into what is potentially the best keyboards for Android and other Gboard was first introduced for iPhone after Apple started to allow third party keyboards and after Google released it for Android and replaced their original option.

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Gboard by Google Features

  1. Glide Typing
  2. Voice typing
  3. Search and share anything from Google
  4. Emoji Search
  5. Multilingual typing
  6. Google Translate

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2. SwiftKey keyboards for android

Now other Keyboards for android are called SwiftKey comes highly rated on the Google Play Store and the legions of faithful fans will boast of excellent suggestive typing, high accuracy rates and predictive emoji and other It also lets you switch effortlessly between languages mid sentence and which is great for bilingual folks that is best all time for android.

keyboards for Android

SwiftKey Features

  1. Kills your typos.
  2. Type faster with A.I.-powered predictions.
  3. Simply swipe-to-type with SwiftKey Flow.
  4. Autocorrect that actually works.
  5. Always learning your slang, nicknames and phrases.
  6. 80+ colors, designs and themes.
  7. Emoji keyboard.
  8. Bilingual autocorrect across 150+ languages.
  9. Free.

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3. Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard are best and free keyboards for android and used to set the world record for fastest texting twice and snappy response times and customization for speed are your thing and this is the keyboard for you and Rather than swiping or drawing the letters and use gestures to delete words or select auto-correct options that is best all time keyboards for android.

keyboards for Android

Fleksy Keyboard Features

  1. Powerful Extensions and customize.
  2. Faster.
  3. More Natural Gestures.
  4. Beautiful Design.
  5. 50+ Colorful Themes.
  6. 3 Customizable Sizes.
  7. Free and easy to use.

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4. GIF Keyboard                 

Now this other best keyboards for android and GIFs in an almost criminal way and all probably want an easy way to find and share your favorite GIFs via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and host of other social platforms and This not necessarily a traditional keyboard but more so an app that you can load on the fly to search for your favorite GIFs and you can mix them up with custom filters and changes before sending them out alongside your messages and chats that is best for all time keyboards for android.

keyboards for Android

GIF Keyboard Features

  1. Send the right GIF or video to express exactly what you’re you are trying to say, directly from your keyboard.
  2. Search Tenor’s millions of GIFs and videos to find the one that perfectly fits your moment. You can also search by emoji.
  3. Free and easy to use.

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5. Swype Keyboard

Now other best keyboards for android and this keyboard list would be complete without Swype and original that pioneered swiping instead of pecking and tapping our screens. Swype is very similar to SwiftKey and is more a personal preference than anything.

keyboards for Android

Swype has a lot of the same features and everything from beautiful themes and customization a great prediction engine and of course gesture typing and other things it is really fun to use and makes people extremely fast and efficient when typing and that is best all time for keyboards for android.

Swype Keyboard Features

  1. New themes added to the store regularly.
  2. Press and hold the Swype Key to access the Swype Store and customize your keyboard.
  3. More Customization.
  4. Personal Dictionary Backup & Sync.
  5. Free to use.

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Now completed guide for this Top keyboards for Android and read this above guide and you choose best keyboards for android and after download and install in your Android Smartphone.