Pokemap or Pokémon Go Map is very essential for players when they want to hunt their monsters in the surroundings. There are many pokemap on the internet but some of them are working and some of them have shut off after Developer Niantic made updates that targeted a spoofing lock to prevent fraudulent players from moving around to conveniently hunt Pokémon and attack arenas worldwide.

Now, most of the players in Pokémon GO have to put their feet back in their hands and run kilometers after kilometers to become successful coaches but there are still several Pokémon Go Maps or Pokemaps that really work even in 2021.


Pokémon GO Maps Help with Hunting

There are online services that work similar to Google Maps and show you on interactive maps where you can find which Pokémon. There are two different such services:

On the one hand, live maps that actually show in real-time where it is worthwhile for you to go. On the other hand, there are cards that have to be manually maintained by the players – as with flash messages on the radio. In other words, the information on these cards may or may not be up to date.

Developer Niantic takes action against such services, so it can always happen that a map page suddenly closes or there are no more updates. Here, we have only put together currently functioning Pokémon GO Maps (Pokemap) that will help you play. But they all only work with an existing internet connection and browser.

The Best Pokémon GO Maps and Map Services

PokeMap.net – PokeMap is a mixture of the real-time map and manually entered Pokémon volume. The service also offers various statistics and information for the players.

GoMap.at– This is a website from Austria, which is primarily designed for Austria, but also includes some larger other cities of the world. You have to select them specifically on the page.

PokeHunter.co– This is a card based on a real-time scanner. With this, you can even manually select which area you want to scan. After that, however, a little waiting time is necessary before you can scan again.

PokémonGoMap– If you are not looking for Pokémon yourself, but rather want to find PokéStops and arenas, you should keep an eye on PokémonGoMap. The service shows you exactly this content worldwide.

SilphRoad Pokémon GO Nest Atlas– This PokeMap is based purely on the fact that players contribute information to it. As a result, it may not always be as up-to-date as the real-time scanners, but it effectively shows you where you can find Pokémon nests and which messages have actually been confirmed.

Pokévision – It is very easy to use as just enter your location and you will see which Pokémon are available in the area. It is particularly practical that you can use a timer to see how long they can still be found there. Since it has not yet been completely taken offline, it is possible to resume the server or to correct it.

Pokémapper is a world map that shows Pokémon even sorted by species. You can also make your own entries there. However, this requires a Facebook account.

Pokémon GO Map is a program that shows you which Pokémon are nearby. The settings can also be used to configure the radius in which to search. It can also look for certain Pokémon for you.

These Pokémon GO Maps Can Go Offline at Any Time

Ultimately, experience has shown that the maps that are manually maintained by the players are somewhat more secure against closures since they are not as much in Niantic’s focus as those that work in real-time. Also, in real-time, the new map works GymHuntr specifically for the new raids scans. You can also find out more from us. However, it is generally exciting to see what the Pokémon GO developer is preparing in a quiet closet. Supposedly there will be a summer event where a raid-like game mode could possibly be introduced.

The Best Alternatives to Live Cards in Pokémon Go

Without automated information flows, trainers have to use other means. And it works best with Pokémon Go’s biggest asset, the community. Organize yourself via WhatsApp groups, Discord, or similar forums with like-minded coaches in your home and regularly exchange information about raid spots, wild Pokémon, arenas taken, etc.

If you can find enough trainers, you will not only succeed in creating a good overview of potentially promising places in your area. In addition, you always have enough teammates on hand when it comes to monster hunting.