As the masses of data you need to store and process grows, and as data analytics tools become more sophisticated, you should stay abreast of the latest data backup and storage solutions to choose the safest and the most efficient products. Here we cover the top 6 products for effective, affordable, and secure data backup available for businesses of any scale and budget in 2021.

Today, the cloud rules the world, so we have decided to focus our attention on the cloud data storage offers available for enterprises. The dinosaurs of cloud storage are Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) and Google Drive. But since the launch of S3 in 2007, the interest of businesses and individuals in cloud storage has increased 40-fold, and so did the market with multiple product offerings and service packages.

1#. iDrive:

We started the rating with iDrive because of its advanced security and performance coupled with a practical file sharing feature, allowing the users to send their data by email, publishing it on Facebook, or including it into a Twitter post. The service is very affordable, giving clients 5TB of digital space for storing music, photos, videos, and any other data you fancy. But keep in mind that there is no two-factor authentication protocol present, posing a risk for unauthorized access.

2#. Zoolz:

The best about Zoolz is that it’s a hybrid backup service present on the market for more than 10 years and serving over 3 million users. The product is suitable for both individual and business use, and the pricing plans are far more affordable than those of competitors. For UK-based clients, the company provides local external storage facilities along with cloud solutions.

3#. Nakivo:

Another innovative company in the niche of data backup and storage is Nakivo. Its competitive advantage is in the integrated approach to data protection and comprehensive coverage of physical, virtual, and cloud data storage variants. Nakivo offers flexible and secure data storage and backup solutions for businesses, enabling quick data recovery in case of emergencies or disasters. You can read more about its unique Microsoft Office 365 backup product at

4#. Mega:

Though priced a bit higher than average on the market of cloud data storage, Mega offers much value for that price. Its evident pluses include an extremely user-friendly UI and free storage of up to 50GB of data for starters. Mega clients also praise its intuitive and practical mobile app enabling quick access to data from any device, while the sync client for data backup from desktop devices is also seamless and fast.

5#. Google Drive:

Our rating would be incomplete without Google Drive, a universal data storage solution from Google. Its popularity among millions of Google users is explainable with its default installation on all Android devices and its inclusion into the Gmail service package. At the start, 15GB of free memory space is available, while additional gigabytes need to be purchased. The customer base of Google Drive is vast, but the cumbersome web interface of this product often faces criticism.

6#. NextCloud:

If you’re looking for something genuinely innovative, then NextCloud should become your next cloud storage. The product is unique as it doesn’t provide cloud storage space to users, acting as a middleman instead, featuring a free app for downloading and installing cloud storage on the client’s own server. It also allows customizing your security settings, with options of added encryption built into the software. The benefit of the home network’s server use enabled by NextCloud is the higher speed of access and improved data security. Thus, the product is undoubtedly a must-try for those who want to explore the DIY cloud storage solutions with self-hosting options.

Here’s our list of top cloud data storage solutions for 2021. Study them to choose the one that suits you the best in terms of data safety and pricing. Don’t neglect the data backup options available today; data is the biggest business asset that you simply can’t afford to lose!

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