You may get the “Confirm Form Resubmission” popup on your screen while using Google Chrome. This error message generally occurs when you refresh or if you press back key. Some users also reported this error on Firefox browser. This error is caused by several reasons and sometimes it is followed by sub message Err_Cache_Miss. You can find how to fix err_cache_miss error on our other post.

Moreover, among many of the reasons we need to find out the possible solution to fix this error. We have mentioned several methods and tricks that can fix confirm form resubmission error message in Google Chrome. Before heading towards the solution of the error let’s find out what is this error happen?

Why Am I Getting Confirm Form Resubmission Message?

Google Chrome reportedly rolled out this feature to prevent its browser from accidentally copying or duplicating post actions on forms. So actually it is not an error. It doesn’t create any problem in your browser.

It actually works as a helper to users as it prevents them from processing accidentally any activity twice. If we take an example of online shopping, when you are on payment while buying any item from the site but due to any reason page gets refreshed or reloaded then, you will get this message to prevent you from making the payment twice. So you have been charged twice if you do not get confirm form resubmission.

Usually, you will get this message only accessing sites that use any type of forms such as:

  • Payment getaway form for the transaction
  • Signing up or login up forms
  • Sites’ contact pages
  • Database search page form
  • Or any form has to deal with edit, delete, or add files on an online database.

Earlier, some users find a way to bypass and fix this message by disabling prompt on repost parameter, but with further updates, Google Chrome fixed this. Still, many users are complaining about this issue as a consistent error message. So we have brought you several ways to solve this error and fix Confirm form resubmission.

How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission

Method 1 –

Some users are encountering the message on a regular basis and they want to disable this function. It forces you to reload a web-page whenever you navigated back to an automatically created page.

A user posted the following fix On Google Chrome Forum. Use it at your own risk:

  • Go to Properties by right-clicking on your Chrome shortcut icon.
  • In the target bar, add – <“-disable-prompt-on-repost”> (only highlighted words)
  • For example, the target field may look like:
  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -disable-prompt-on-repost

Once all done, close and re-open Google Chrome using the shortcut and see if you face this message again.

Method 2 –

This method states that if you can’t modify the page containing the POST operation, then there actually is not any solution.

On the other hand, if you are able to modify the page then, there are two significant solutions:

  • Engage GET on the place of POST
  • Engage the Post/Redirect/Get method as the HTTP 303 response code

Note: This method may or may not work, as it depends on the knowledge of the users using browser.

Method 3 – Do Not Use Back or Reload Button

Another solution of confirm form resubmission comes from a user who explained o Google Forum that this isn’t a bug but happens because Chrome does not cache POST.

It stated that in order to “disable” confirm form resubmission message, Users should not use the back button or reload option after they have submitted a form.

Methods 4 – Update Google Chrome

It has also been noted that these all complaints are coming from users who are using an old version of Google Chrome and it has been solved with its latest updates. So, all the users who face this message while using Google Chrome are suggested to update their browser to the latest version available.

How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission on Firefox?

If you are using Firefox browsers and you are facing Confirm Form resubmission with ERR_CACHE_MISS. You should follow the steps given below;

  • Open Firefox and go to Firefox Setting by clicking on the right side of the screen on the browser.
  • Now select and click on Privacy & Security option.
  • Clear all data history, browsing data, clear Caches & cookies.
  • Once all done correctly, restart the Firefox browser.

Final Words:

With any of the above-mentioned tricks, you shall be able to solve the issue of confirming form resubmission message from Firefox as well as Google Chrome. If you are getting any other message with Confirm Form Resubmission then, there are chances that the error has been occurring due to any other reasons.

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