Is writing easy? After all, it is getting a new page and typing words together. No, this is not the case, writing is more complicated and technology plays an important role to ease this up. If your piece of writing does not have organization, logic, and order, then it is disconnected and you have not written anything at all. Luckily, there are writing apps available to ensure that these main objectives are met writing. Writing apps ensure you focus on your weekly essay and it is well organized. Whatever apps you choose there are a few categories of apps you must consider having to succeed in writing.

7 apps for writing better essays

  1. Dictation apps

This is very useful for slow writers or any writer, having a busy day or a writer always on the go. This app saves lots of time as you dictate text to it and its typing. It ensures you can work on your essay from anywhere and at any time. The Dragon Dictation is a dictation app a writer should consider among others.

  1. Referencing apps

Citations can cause headaches for you in essay writing, especially because they insist on the importance of details that you may easily miss. Some apps which make referencing an easy task include EasyBib, Harvard Generator and Cite This For Me. One gets authentic information on particular subjects.

  1. Spell check and grammar

In any kind of writing proper use of grammar is very important to create a flow and make sense of the whole text. It is very important for you to improve on your writing including grammar. Grammarly is the companion every writer needs and better still it is free.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Your writing needs to be original, otherwise, how do you know you are good at writing? Better be safe, get a plagiarism checker app to run all your essays through. The app plagiarism checker, allows you to maintain your wordings without misinterpretations.

  1. Writing aid

PreWritingAid app is the best copy-editing app every writer needs. Its primary role is to find issues in your writing and alert you to make necessary changes. A free version is available and a paid version as well.

  1. Writing tools

The Libre office writer app is very interesting to use for a writer who is ready to create, review and revise anytime and anywhere. This app allows written documents to be well structured and clean and helps the writer focus more on the content. Most expert writers use it.

  1. Manuscript

This is a powerful app used for essay writing among other kinds of writing. It has numerous benefits such as finding compound words, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, layout and numerals in the middle of a word. It is free and does not limit its use so let your essay come out as the best.

The above apps are just some of the apps, writers use to ease of writing. Apps are not really supposed to change your contribution to writing, but it is to ease it up. Utilizing the use of apps in writing ensures that you bring out the best of essays.

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