Anime culture has become popular all over the world. Straight out of Japan, now people from the US, Europe, and Asia are going gaga over this animated culture. The content is obviously good and that’s what has grabbed the attention of the people. There are many legal as well as illegal anime streaming websites on the internet and 4Anime is among the most popular anime streaming service that offers free anime streaming on the website as well as an android application.

4anime is quite a simple yet powerful website to watch anime online. With its website, you can search, stream, and access all the anime in high-quality on PC as well as mobile. With the 4Anime app, users get a dedicated experience that is intended to target anime fans who want HD anime series and movies on their smartphone. But users are also looking for similar websites like 4anime and that is why we have made a roster of free anime streaming websites that can be the top 4Anime alternative in 2021.


Download 4Anime App | How to Access 4Anime Website

4Anime website can be accessed at Unlike other similar anime streaming website, it doesn’t have other proxies. If you wish to access the 4Anime application then you can download the app from the Google Play Store. The app is really easy to use and navigate. It allows HD and SD streaming of all the English dubbed and subbed anime.

The Best 4Anime Alternatives | Top Similar Sites Like 4Anime to Watch Anime Online Free


So, first up on the list of best 4anime alternatives is 9anime. This website is mostly known for offering like clean and easy to use UI and high-quality anime videos for free. Apart from being one of the best alternatives to 4anime, 9 anime is one of the best free anime websites. It’s actually my favorite anime website so when I want to watch anime, this is my getaway. There’s pretty much every anime on this website so, it has got a lot of anime collection here.

You can search for any anime series or movie in the search bar and it will appear within a few seconds. There is every type of anime on this website so you would get everything over here. I would recommend this website if you are looking for the best anime websites to watch on a mobile phone in HD or PC.


Next, we have got as an alternative to AnimeFreak. With this free anime streaming website, I do recommend you have an ad blocker on your computer because the ads can get annoying sometimes but this is still by far one of the best anime websites. The site has numerous categories and all the genres so, you can filter them according to your wish which makes your search or anime even easier. You can search for anime movies or TV shows easily with the search option given at the top.

The quality is a pretty clean and appealing clean UI. The collection is already good as it has all the anime in the English dubbed version and with English subtitles. You will also find Crunchyroll originals and other popular anime dramas from Japanese drama. So, if you want to have an anime site at disposal when 4anime is not accessible then AnimeFreak can be your best choice.


Just like 9anime and 4anime, this site may not be popular among all the anime and around the world who are looking for free anime streaming sites. On its landing page, you can choose the categories among New Episodes, Recent, Popular, and Movies. If you wish to find the random anime show or by its alphabets order, you can do it by selecting the filter besides the search bar. The search option is given at the top and it will present you any anime show or movie within a few seconds of the search.

I am not sure if this 4anime alternative site has English dubbed anime but I am sure it has got many English subbed anime on it. So, AniMixPlay is one of the best and I repeat one of the best anime websites out there. It is not possible to get all the latest anime shows in English dubbed versions before they are actually dubbed by English studios so, subbed anime is easy to find or all the latest episodes. So, if you just love anime and don’t care about English audio or English subtitles then AniMixPlay can be your choice when looking for similar sites like 4anime.


Next up we have AnimeUltima as a similar site like 4Anime to watch anime for free online. This website has been on the internet for many years but it is pretty underrated. I don’t see a lot of people using this website but this website is actually pretty good. They have one of the best and cleanest qualities of anime. So, just like 9anime and 4anime, AnimeUltima is like a twin sister of them. They both have this amazing high-quality of anime.

The massive collection of anime on this website is really very easy to access with search options. Naruto, No Game No Life, and there are much more anime series and movies to watch on this website. You will find both subbed and the dubbed anime shows on this free anime streaming website. This is by far the best 4anime alternative on the internet to watch anime on your phone as well as on PC and tablets in HD high-quality. So, just bookmark this website on your web browser.


This site can be accessed at and make sure to not confuse this site with another anime streaming website called Kiss-Anime. This is really the most recommended anime website out there and that is why it could be the best 4Anime alternative. As an anime fan, I use this site regularly to watch all of my favorite anime on my smartphone. All the anime can be streamed fast in HD quality for totally free.

On its homepage, you will see two major sections named dubbed and subbed. So, here you can watch anime movies and series according to your preference of whether you want to watch anime with English subtitles or with English audio. At the top, we got options such as the most popular, anime, dubbed, schedule, random, categories, and many others. With search option at the top-left corner. So, with all these features and functions available on this anime website, you cannot use this website as an alternative to 4anime but also as one of the best anime streaming websites out there.

Bottom line

So, these are the top and the best similar sites like 4anime on the internet. Well, there are many more similar websites but I consider these 5 websites as the top 4anie alternatives. You might have some other websites in your mind that offer similar features and collections with appealing UI then you can put their names in the comment box.

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