Online casinos have become the new, most convenient way to satisfy your gambling needs and, along the way, win yourself some real money. You get to play your favorite casino games, such as online blackjack, slots, and roulette and enjoy incentives like a Sloto Cash Bonus anytime without having to be physically present at a casino. In the USA, several reputable online casinos meet all your casino needs.

These casinos offer you real money once you win: you can trust them because they provide a secure experience. You can, therefore, look forward to quick payouts, with the money in your account, within a few hours.

A Brief History Of USA Online Casinos

The year 1996 was exceptional in the gambling industry because it was then that Intertops Casino launched the first known online casino. This casino promised its players real money for their wins. Before that, the creation of the first casino, which was known as The Gaming Club, took place. It was enabled by one particular significant occurrence.

This was the implementation of an act by the Antigua and Barbuda government in 1994, which allowed the nation to grant licenses to firms that desired to open online casinos. Another significant development happened in the same year, and Microgaming, a software company, was established. They developed The Gaming Club, which then became the first online casino. In 1995 a company called Cryptologic which specialized in real money transactions, realized something was missing in the first online casino.

Therefore, they launched Intertops Casino in 1996, enabling players to win and get real money from these wins. After this, it was easy for more online casinos to be developed because they were gaining massive popularity. Currently, there are hundreds of online casinos in the USA that offer you real money.

Choosing The Best USA Casinos

As a player, you surely have your preferences when it comes to gaming. Different online casinos have various weaknesses and strengths. Therefore if you wish to have a great experience, you need to ensure that the casino you choose to go with suits your needs.

Because of the numerous online casinos that are coming up every day, it may be difficult for you to choose a casino that works best for you. Luckily, here is a guide on what to look out for when choosing your casino.

1. The legality of the casino

A reputable casino operating in the USA must have a legal license to work in the gaming industry, like other legitimate businesses. This way, you are guaranteed your money’s security and safety as you enjoy your games because your gaming is regulated.

2. Your experience

Another factor you may consider when looking for the best site is the gaming experience you will get from a particular site. This means that the fun aspect of a website can either make you love or hate online casinos. That is why you need to ensure that you sign up on a fast, responsive, and easily navigable gaming site.

3. Game offerings

It is not news that new casinos do not tend to partner with service providers, such as some leading game providers. Therefore as you are looking for a site, make sure that you have a look at the featured games on this site. There are usually free-play modes or demos that will help you find the best casino.

4. Bonuses

When you register as a new player on a casino account, you tend to enjoy a bounty of bonus awards. This is how the site can entice you to go on playing on their website and not others. However, if a site is new, this generosity is much higher because the provider wants to build a loyal customer base. Therefore if you sign up as a new player in this new casino, you will get to enjoy the top bonuses available in the market.

5. The payment options

The gaming industry is continuously evolving technologically to ensure that you have the best online experience. When choosing a site, you need to consider both the options of withdrawing and depositing. An excellent online casino will offer you secure, and easy-to-understand payment means. Because you prefer a precise method of payment, in the USA, you can pay using options such as VISA, MasterCard, and others.

Can American Players Play Online Casinos

As an American, you can play your favorite games on different online casinos. In 2006 the UIGEA act was passed by the US government, which aimed to regulate the online gaming industry. The act went after the payment methods, not the players – so playing at online casinos has actually never been illegal for US residents. And now, fortunately, you have many gaming options as long as you live in a regulated state. You can play on online casinos as long as you adhere to the rules put in place by your state.

Type Of Software Providers

The current online casinos are very different from those that were around as online gambling was starting. Understandably, the modern-day ones offer you high-quality experiences. The difference is caused by software, and it is evident that software used by casinos today is much more advanced than it was previously. Visuals, audio, and overall gaming experience have improved.

A great contributor toward this evolution in technology is because, rather than develop the software themselves, online casinos hire specialist gaming companies to develop the software for them. These companies are known as third-party providers. On the other hand, some casinos choose to build their software, and this is known as proprietary software. Some significant gaming companies include:  Spinlogic (was Real Time Gaming), Playtech, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment.

Game Quality And Choice

The games that you choose to play, as well as their quality, determines the level of enjoyment that you will experience. Many online casinos have the financial muscle to market and promote themselves for them to garner a broad customer base. However, the real test comes when you visit the site and find that what was marketed to you is not the case on the ground.

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