Elderly people often face health problems. Loss of coordination, mobility difficulties, hearing, and vision loss – all this significantly impairs the quality of life of older people. However, modern appliances, equipment, and special furniture can help make the daily life of an elderly person easier, more comfortable, and safer.

Buying an assistive device today is not difficult at all. You just need to enter the right query in the search bar of the browser and select the appropriate offers. However, it is important to follow some rules to ensure safe online shopping.

Firstly, you need to install an antivirus program to protect your computer from viruses. Secondly, it is recommended to use a secure payment system and get a separate card for online purchases. Thirdly, it is worth taking care of personal information. It is advisable to use VPN client for Macintosh as it makes the user anonymous on the network. VPN servers are becoming more and more popular every day as they allow users to surf the Internet without any risks.


List of Assistive Devices for the Elderly: 7 Best Items

Read below about the best assistive devices for seniors and purchase them safely with a free VPN.

Smart Home Technologies

The American company HoneyCo offers smart home technology for older people who live alone. The HoneyCo smart home uses a system of a large number of sensors connected to all home appliances. This system monitors all the events taking place in the house and gives an alarm if something deviates from the scenarios set in advance.

Smart Insoles

It is a great technology for old people with memory problems. Smart insoles were created by the GTX Group. They are equipped with a GPS sensor and a SIM card. The technology tracks the movement of a person using satellite geolocation and signals from cell towers. The battery needs to be charged periodically to operate the device. The insoles are suitable for most shoe models.

The movements and location of a person are tracked using a special application. The advantage is unobtrusive tracking, as the device remains invisible. The developer notes the usefulness of the insoles not only for the elderly but also for children. It is very important for many parents to track the location of their kids.

Fall Protection Belt

A fall for an elderly person often ends in a serious injury, which makes it impossible to move for a long time and requires a long recovery. The Israeli company Hip-Hope Technologies has invented a special fall protection device for the pelvis and hip bones. The device is made in the form of a belt with many sensors. If the belt sensors detect the fall that has begun, then two large airbags ‘shoot out’, turning into protective rollers for the hips. Test results show that the belt reduces the risk of fractures and serious bone bruising during falls by 90 percent.

Pill Dispenser

Traditional pill boxes are not always effective. Elderly patients forget to take their medicines, or even worse, they take their medicines twice because of absent-mindedness. The advantage of the dispenser is that it organizes the pills by type, not by the time of consumption. This means you can load up to seven different types of pills into the compartments of the box. Then just enter the time of consumption and combination of pills in the app and follow the instructions.

Universal Remote with Big Buttons

Many older people use Smart TV without problems. Thanks to the VPN tool, everyone can watch exciting shows and series online. VPN for Chrome allows accessing a streaming platform in minutes. You can make a VeePN review and check it out. Another important advantage of the VPN tool is that it provides complete user privacy on the global network. And this is very important not only for the elderly but also for any Internet user.

A universal remote with large buttons is a great choice for older people. It helps people with poor eyesight, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s diseases control the TV. It has only six buttons. There is one large round button to turn the TV on and off.

Electric Bed

Elderly people often suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and feel pain during movement. Adequate sleep is important for their psychological and physical comfort. Therefore, the bed must be chosen taking into account individual characteristics. The state of health, the presence of pathologies, and the ability to self-care are important.

For the home, it is recommended to purchase wooden rehabilitation beds with an electric drive, which are characterized by ease of remote control, as well as the aesthetics and environmental friendliness of the material.

Robot Vacuum and Mop 

Old-style vacuum cleaners are bulky, noisy, and heavy. Luckily, today there are robotic vacuum cleaners that make cleaning floors less difficult for older people. Such devices automatically recognize accumulations of hair and dirt and perform high-quality cleaning in just a few minutes.

Final Remarks

Therefore, assistive devices for the elderly are indispensable. They make the lives of older people easier, more comfortable, and happier. Select an assistive device from the above list and order it right now! But don’t forget the importance of using a free VPN. VPN for Chrome is an advanced technology for protecting against online scammers.

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