The collaboration of The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and Tim Warner, let people watch their content from the Hulu. There’s no doubt that Hulu is one of the best American subscription streaming services. So, here we have come to help you get Hulu Account free using some simple tricks.

We can say the Hulu and Netflix both similar services. Hence, you can’t get Hulu account login free since the Hulu premium account costs from $7.99 up to $39.99 per month which depends on your selection. If you still need free Hulu account to watch movies and TV shows from MTV, Disney, Paramount, Comedy Central, FOX, ABC, CW and many more, then here are few simple ways to free Hulu account generator to get Hulu premium account free. So, are you ready to get Hulu for free? If yes, then just go ahead!


4 Simple Methods To Get Free Premium Hulu Accounts [100% Working]

#1: Get going your Hulu Plus 30 trial without a credit card 

Let’s start with one of the easier methods to get Free Hulu account without using credit card. If you haven’t used Hulu account before then you can enjoy one month free Hulu account trail.

Step #1. Launch the website, select the ‘’START YOUR FREE TRIAL’’ option at the center or top right corner of the homepage.

Step #2. Next, You will be directed to the next page where you have to choose any of the three available plans. They all offer the first month for free.

Step #3. Your registration wouldn’t be complete without you entering payment details. If you have a Credit Card, go ahead and fill in the details before clicking submit.

Step #4. If you don’t have a Credit Card or you aren’t quite happy with entering the details of yours, select ‘’Express Options’’ and you will be presented with many other payment options such as PayPal.

Step #5. You have 30 days to enjoy the amazing Hulu experience from your free Hulu accounts.

#2: Get Working Free Hulu Accounts From Forum

As we know that there are a lot of online forums available where you can get some free Hulu email and password as well as Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Step #1. Launch the website and create an account after checking to ensure you are working on the full version. You wouldn’t be able to use any of the features on this site without registration. You can use temporary email from to process your registration if you don’t want to use to active email.

Step #2. Once you ID ready and verifying your account, sign in and you will be open to all the features of this forum.

Step #3. Scroll down to find and click on LEAKS.

Step #4. Scroll down and click on MOVIE WATCHING SITE DUMPS.

Step #5. Now you will be directed to a page with so many movie watching site dumps from which you will have to click any one with Hulu in its name.

Step #6. Clicking on any which says Hulu will show up hidden content boxes will only be visible when you type and post something related to that topic. In this case ‘’ANYTHING’’.

Step #7:  After typing and posting any keys on your keyboard you will be taken to page 2 of the results. Go back to page 1 and you will see a whole bunch of free Hulu accounts and their passwords.

Step #8.  Now you are here with some free Hulu email and password. So, just one-by-one to get working premium Hulu account free.

Step #9. Now open the website, and start trying to sign in with the details provided in the results shown in your account.

Step #10. Once you found working account Hulu premium, you can then go ahead and create or add your new profile with a Profile Name of your choice, an appropriate or allowed date of birth and your gender.

Step #11. Pick your favorites and set your preferences. That’s it!

#3: Get free Hulu account by subscribing with a free virtual credit card

You can also get free and working Hulu accounts for 30 days by using virtual credit cards. Follow these steps to activate a free Hulu account using a virtual credit card.

Step #1. Launch the Hulu website and click on the ‘Start Your Free Trial’ option on the right corner of the page. You will be redirected to various subscription packages with three different plans.

Step #2. Select any of the plans and register your account by giving the required information.

Step #3. Once complete entering the registration details, it will ask you to select a payment option. Click on the credit card option.

Step #4. Now, visit this link to generate your free virtual credit card.

 You will be provided with a random card detail. You can also get yourself a Visa, Mastercard and even an AMEX which you can use to sign up in Hulu or somewhere else.

Step #5. Enter the details of your virtual card to fill in the payment details and that is it.

Now you will be able to get Hulu premium account features for free for 30 days free trial.

#4: Free premium Hulu Plus accounts’ username and password collection 2018-19

If you don’t want to go through any annoying process to get Hulu account free, then you can also use some collected Free Hulu Account username and password below. Some of them may don’t work, but you can try any next one.

  • : chon0730
  • : ranas007
  • : rebel1125
  • : loyalty77
  • : qwerty23698
  • : netload225
  • : seilwell2
  • : ro2aflix
  • : Cama5372/
  • : 01253333
  • : lotuskoi711
  • : 7342batt
  • : reggie10
  • : shootsmall11
  • : tracey01


Hope you enjoy the guide and got the free Hulu premium free. Let me know if you encounter any error while following the above procedures. You can also share any other working method get Hulu account free.