Modern century’s list of technologies has a jaw-dropping effect not only at the previous generations but nonetheless, is impressive for us as well. It contains home security smart devices with connections via wifi and Bluetooth and built-in hub for easy devices set up; it contains drones that can fly in the sky and capture high-quality videos.

You can find needed gadgets effortlessly and conveniently on, including amazing robots that imitate real pets! Meet one of them.

Amazon Chip Dog: meet a modern pet

For ages, the dog has been man’s best friend. Let us introduce you to men’s new best friend, meet Chip the robotic dog that’s much more than just a cool device. Chip is an interactive tech that greets you at the door.

  • With the wearable smart band, controller Chip recognizes who his owner is and shows affection once he’s near. Chip is an obedient technology and can follow commands. But the system also learns new things, so you can teach him tricks at the smart Chip account. When you like what you see, you can press the like button on the electronic band connected to the account. It will encourage the dog to behave, or he can be a little mischievous! You can control his behaviour and shape his personality, so no two Chips are ever alike.
  • Chip is a connected automation experience. He has a translator so you can have a quick access to his thoughts. He comes with his own smart ball, so you can play with him indoor or outside of your house using his own gadgets.
  • He also has sensors, so you can manoeuvre around obstacles. With the mobile app services, you can show him your care and that’s important because he’s always there for you whenever you need him.
  • With his sense systems Chip is fully aware of his surroundings; he even knows how to return to his home or bed, when it’s time for a charge, so he never runs out of energy.

He’s one of the smartest products ever created: he is a robot and a dog. But most importantly, Chip is a friend, and you can get yours at right now!

Print a Hogwarts, print a heart…

One of the greatest smart products ever are 3D printers, that can print a toy, a house and even an organ! Of course, not all of them are available for public sale, and they are pretty costly, but this technology totally worth your attention.

At you can purchase a Pro2 Plus 3D printer with wireless compatibility, filament sensor, camera, filter and dual extruder. It’s a highly upgraded 3D printer that’s known for its huge build volume, really great precision and dual extrusion with nozzles that swap out of the way to make even better extrusion, wireless connectivity, magnetic build plate that’s totally removable and an improved levelling system. This printer is also equipped with a built-in camera, an exhaust fan, onboard slicing, a full-colour touch screen and so much more.

The new “brains” behind the Pro2 is a 32-bit controller. The combination of that and modern drivers that are the biggest ever seen on any desktop 3D printer, turn on super precise prints. It also features a newly-designed extrusion system that makes material choices even more broad. All of that you can order at and let your fantasy and creativity fly!