Ancient Civilization Parts are a rare and valuable crafting material in Palworld. They are required to craft some of the most useful items in the game, like the Egg Incubator and Grappling Hook. However, Ancient Civilization Parts can be tricky to obtain. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on Ancient Civilization Parts.


What Are Ancient Civilization Parts?

Ancient Civilization Parts, also sometimes called Paldium Crystals, are a special crafting material that drops from certain enemies and locations in Palworld. They are used to craft items unlocked in the Ancient Technology section of the crafting menu, which contains incredibly useful gadgets and tools like:

  • Egg Incubator
  • Grappling Hook
  • Feeding Bags
  • Sphere Launchers

Ancient Civilization Parts cannot be gathered or mined. The only way to get them is by defeating bosses and raiding dungeons.

Where to Find Ancient Civilization Parts

There are three main sources for Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld:

Alpha Pal Bosses

The most reliable way to obtain Ancient Civilization Parts is by defeating Alpha Pal bosses in the overworld. These are special named boss versions of regular Pals with larger health bars. They stand out with red name tags and icons on the map.

Some good early game Alpha Pals to farm include Chillet, Mammorest, and Grizzbolt. Later on, higher level Alpha Pals also provide parts.

Alpha Pals respawn about an hour after being defeated and will continually provide Ancient Civilization Parts.

Dungeon Bosses

Venturing into the dungeons scattered around Palworld and defeating the bosses at the end can reward Ancient Civilization Parts. However, dungeons rotate layouts and do not respawn bosses as consistently as the overworld.

Still, dungeon bosses can supplement your supply of parts. Bring a strong, prepared team to tackle them.


While rare, chests found in dungeons and the overworld can contain Ancient Civilization Parts. Prioritize red and purple chests that need keys to open. But don’t rely solely on chest hunting for parts.

Farming Ancient Civilization Parts

Once you know the sources, farming Ancient Civilization Parts simply requires revisiting those sources repeatedly.

The most efficient method is to teleport between Alpha Pal spawn locations using Fast Travel Statues. Defeat the Alpha Pal, collect the parts, then move onto the next one. After making a circuit, the first Alpha Pals should have respawned for you to beat again.

Utilize Alpha Pals you can easily defeat over and over. Avoid time-consuming dungeon runs until you’ve strengthened your team.

With efficient routes and strong Pals by your side, you will accumulate stacks of Ancient Civilization Parts to fuel your crafting projects in no time.

Use Ancient Civilization Parts

So, what kinds of awesome gadgets can you create with your hard-earned Ancient Civilization Parts? Here are some of the highlights:

Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator allows you to hatch Pal eggs, acquiring new Pals for your team without having to catch them in the wild. Simply collect eggs and fuel the incubator with parts to expand your roster.

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook enables quick traversal across gaps and vertical terrain. Unlock new areas or tactical positioning with this versatile tool.

Feeding Bags

Feeding Bags automatically feed your Pals food from your inventory over time. Keep your team healed during long expeditions.

Sphere Launchers

Sphere Launchers fire special containment spheres that capture Pals. Bring powerful specimens onto your side without needing to battle them.

These are just a sample of the game-changing gadgets you can obtain using Ancient Civilization Parts. From breeding to healing to capturing, the Ancient Technology crafting tree holds Palworld’s most useful toys.


And there you have it – everything you need to know about acquiring the valuable Ancient Civilization Parts. Seek out wandering Alpha Pal bosses in the overworld, brave dungeon depths, and maybe get lucky with a special chest. Farm defeated Alpha Pals by using Fast Travel Statues to quickly move between locations. Then fuel incredible inventions like the Egg Incubator to enhance your Palworld experience.

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