Are you feeling cheated? Do you feel like your spouse is cheating you? Doubtful about their sudden change in behaviour? What can you do now? Asking them wouldn’t be a good move though.

You will definitely want to track them, but how? Hiring a private detective to spy on your husband or wife to find out the truth may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and may or may not produce results. Hence, not recommended.

So what’s a cheaper and more reliable way to spy on your spouse? A spying application. There are a number of spying applications available online, but Spyier is so far the best among all. Visit this page

Spyier is a well-known phone tracking app for Android. It’s often featured on top platforms like Mashable,  The New York Times,TechCrunch, and LifeHacker. The app has a reputation worldwide for being an effective GPS phone location tracker.

How to spy a cheating spouse’ Android phone?

Spyier’s android application is a small app with 2mb size. You need to download the app in the target’s phone and set it up. You just need 5 minutes of access to their phone and you are good to go.

To start spying your spouse’ android phone, you need to follow the undermentioned 3 easy steps:

Step 1: You need to get a Spyier subscription to be able to monitor your husband or wife’s device. Check out the plans and choose the one that suits you the best.

After selecting an option, a pop-up box will appear asking for your email ID. Enter an email ID you want to link to your account, you will need it to login later. Then complete the payment.

Step 2: As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation. The system will automatically assign you a safe and unique password that only you can see. You can change the password anytime later.

Step 3: Congratulations! You’ve set up Spyier successfully. You can now monitor the device’s location from the dashboard. Log in to the dashboard from any web browser.

What Spyier can do for you?

Spyier equips you with a lot of features that will help you spy on your spouse to your full potential. This amazing app can can help you get:-

Messaging Data: Social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype’s conversations can be monitored using Spyier. You can easily track what your husband/ wife is doing over social media platforms and with whom they are talking. You can easily keep a track on their conversation and get to know about the person who is on the other side of the phone.

Location Tracking: With the GPS tracking service of Spyier, you will know exactly where your spouse is. You will be able to easily know his/ her whereabouts. You can even get their coordinates over google maps.

Real-time Screenshots: Monitor the target device remotely without time delay. You can specify interval and target device to record the screenshots from your husband or wife’s phone.

Track Call Logs: Spyier lets you know the details of calls including the time, date, and duration of the call and with whom your partner speaks. You no more need to worry about whom your husband or wife is talking to secretly.

Text messages commands: You can delete text messages remotely or block some activities at a remote location and the main thing is your partner wouldn’t be able to know that you are doing anything like this.

Read Contacts and Notes: You can easily monitor all calendar notes, contacts and notes by obtaining all the details stored on their mobile phone.

Photographs and Videos: All photos and videos taken with your spouse’s mobile phone will be recorded for you to review. You will have full access to their phone’s gallery.

Control Panel: You can see all activities of the monitored mobile through the control panel, which can be operated from anywhere, including mobile phone, laptop, PC or iPad.

What next?

Once you get to know if your husband/ wife is cheating you and you must be thinking about confronting your spouse, but how?

First of all, you need evidence. I would recommend you to go to a computer, not your phone. Go through the most damnatory evidence and right click on these screenshots in order to save them to your computer. Now you are fully equipped with the evidence, you can now expose your husband or wife.

When you confront your spouse 2 things will definitely happen:

First situation can be, they will deny it, that is why you need evidence printed out. Once you show them the screen shots, they just can’t deny it anymore.

Second (and strangely enough) situation will be that your spouse will get very mad at you for spying on them. But they were cheating on you and you had a different yet comical feeling. What were you supposed to do? 

Look it is just human nature at its finest. Nobody will admit they were wrong, but you have the proof that they are wrong, so punish them as and how you want to(well, they deserve it), in breach of the precious trust and faith that you had in them.

Although, the best course of action would be to step back and look at why the cheating happened. What was wrong in the relationship? What need of your partner was not getting fulfilled?

Communication is the best way to solve any problem and here your relationship is at stake. Talk to your partner where you both are lacking in this relationship and try to improve it mutually.

Well, in the end it is completely up to you on how to handle this. We are here to provide you with the best solution advice for your problems. With Spyier spying applications, all your issues and doubts will be solved at one place. Enjoy all the premium features of this app.

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