MSM stands for mainstream media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Someone’s messages can be monitored by other people without their consent. The reasons for monitoring someone’s messages could vary depending on the type of relationship involved.

Some could be protecting their loved ones, family friends, wife or husband, and also the government uses this kind of trick to keep the tap on suspected terrorists who may have plans to attack a nation. There are various apps on the internet on how to spy on someone’s messages without them knowing.

Some of the apps are not authentic because there are those people that clone other apps to look like the real ones. With an intent to exploit people who do not have much knowledge about the apps. One of the most recommended software is Spyic that enables you to read someone’s message without them knowing about it. Below is a discussion on what makes Spyic unique out of all the other spying softwares.

Spyic software

Spyic is built with capabilities that enable the user to read other people’s messages without them finding out also it can work with any android device. Spyic comes with different features to suit your needs because it does not only give you access to messages but also can get you access to call logs and social media chats which makes it unique from the rest of the software.

Since it gives the person using it more features and full access to the phone that has been tapped. If you are new to technology you do not need to worry because Spyic offers a live demo on how the app works. so before you install it you need to find the manual so that you may get familiar with how the app works.

Spyic is termed as one the best message monitors in the market because it gives the user full access and control over the phone that is being tapped ranging from calls, messages, and other social media platforms.

Reasons that make Spyic unique

Spyic makes sure that the security of the phone being tapped is intact because it does not require rooting for integration. That is why most people prefer Spyic as a way of monitoring someone’s messages for various reasons.

Rooting makes the phone susceptible to attacks from a third party because it breaks the seal of the phone. And the other person can know that their phone is tapped which may cause some problems therefore Spyic is the best since no rooting is required.

It’s easy to set up

Spyic has its installation wizard so even if you do not have the technical knowledge it’s easy to install the software. Since it does not have complex installation as compared to other software’s that requires one to know how to install them. Furthermore, the installation only takes a few minutes to complete set-up.

The interface is web-based

Spyic developers ensured that you can use the software without necessarily installing it into your device since it’s also web-based. It’s compatible with most browsers so you can operate Spyic through your dashboard and it will just work fine.

How to install  Spyic software

Various steps need to be followed to integrate Spyic fully.

Step 1: you need to sign up with Spyic so that you can get a subscription depending on the devices you intend to target.

Step 2: is very simple as it requires you to follow the instructions on the screen set-up to complete the signing process.

Step 3: if the target phone is an IOS then you need to verify the iCloud details of the user, nothing else is required, and if the target phone is android download the software and install it. After installation hit ‘Start ’to get messages from the intended phone that is being tapped.

How to monitor the messages using Spyic software

The message monitor that gives you access to the messages received from the tapped phone is found under the ‘messages’ tab in the dashboard. Under the messages section, it will show all the messages being received or sent by the user.

Also you can be able to check the name of the sender and also the time the messages were sent. Another interesting feature about Spyic is even if the user deletes the messages on your end they will be available on Spyic dashboard.

Another feature supported by Spyic is the SMS tracking feature that allows the user to download the media files that are attached to the message. Spyic also has an android Keylogger that assists in intercepting messages sent via android.

The android Keylogger records the keystrokes on the target device which includes Google searches, chats, social media searches, and other things that users of the tapped phone might receive.

Spyic is most recommended for intercepting messages from other phones because it makes sure that you are not caught. as it provides the security mechanism to remain unanimous all you need is to know the users iCloud credentials to start intercepting the messages.


Spyic is widely used for the wonderful and powerful features it portrays. You do not need to install the software to start enjoying its benefits and it also ensures that you do not get noticed while intercepting the messages since it doesn’t require rooting.

For new users, Spyic does not require the technical knowledge to use and install it as it is easy to set-up which gives it an added advantage over the rest of the competitors. Even if the user of the targeted phone deletes the messages there are still available in the message dashboard.

Spyic also gives access to download the media files that might be sent along with the message making it easier for the user to get full access to information. Spyic has also a powerful feature called the Android Keylogger that allows the user to have all the access to chats, google searches, and social media searches and also checks the messages that the user has typed.

 Therefore Spyic is the most powerful software for intercepting messages from the target phone because it depicts useful features that allow for full access to the tapped phone.