The popularity of online streaming has taken the whole world by storm, and India is no exception here. Indian users use the internet more than any other country. This is the reason why online streaming has witnessed tremendous growth in India. Amazon Prime Video targeted the Indian audience to compete with Netflix in the market, and its tactic has worked in many ways. However, all users may not want to opt for the premium services. They always look for free alternatives. Downloading movies for free online is one of the most popular searched keywords on the internet. You will get thousands of free movie websites where you can download movies and shows, and JalshaMoviezHD is one of them.


What Is JalshaMoviezHD?

This website can be a new name for many users. It is not as popular as others, but it offers a similar catalog. Users will find a massive collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi movies, and TV shows. Besides, it also shows currently trending videos.

In a nutshell, JalshaMoviezHD is a free movie downloading website where users will find various movie titles and shows for Indian audiences. Primarily it focuses on providing Hindi-dubbed HD movies. Plus, it provides all the titles in small size so it can be the best movie downloading website for smartphone users.

Features of JalshaMoviezHD

JalshaMoviezHD can be referred to as one of the best free alternatives to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. It offers a wide collection of blockbuster titles for users. If you wish to explore this site, then you will enjoy the features mentioned here:

It’s Free:JalshaMoviezHD is totally free, and it doesn’t ask for any money to download movies from the platform. Thus, users looking for the best free sites to download South Indian Hindi dubbed movies can rely on this platform.

No Registration: Users can use and watch movies on JalshaMoviezHD without registering. The site allows you to download the movies without any obligation.

Massive Collection: JalshaMoviezHD has got a vast collection of films and TV shows. Users will find from classic movies to the latest released ones.

Multiple Categories: JalshaMoviezHD offers multiple categories. Users can choose any of the site categories and find the title they wish to watch. Its categories are as given: Hot Short Films, Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, Bengali Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Hindi Dubbed English Movies – Full Series, Punjabi Movies, South Indian Movies (Dubbed in Hindi), Marathi Movies.

Well-Organized: The Sites has a beautiful blue theme, and its huge collection of movies and series is organized very neatly. You can navigate and find any title with the search option as well.

Perfect for the Indian Audience: This site has been created to target the Indian audience, and it has got all the things that Indian users want. Hollywood movies and South Indian hit films are available in Hindi, dubbed for free, and in HD quality.

Drawback of JalshaMoviezHD

There are also some drawbacks to these free movie websites. JalshaMoviezHD is an illegal website, which means it hosts all the content that is actually owned by other studios or production houses. This may result in the taken down of the site as well as a content post there. So, users need to use their consent while using this site.

Another disadvantage of JalshaMoviezHD is that you will need to face ads while browsing or downloading movies from this site. The download link will appear only after you have gone through specific ad popups.

How to Block Ads on Website

If ads on JalshaMoviezHD or any other website annoys you, then you can use an ad blocker extension on your browser. The AdBlock will block the ads from displaying on the website, making your browsing experience better. You don’t need to go through those ads to get to the download option.

However, this extension will work only on a PC browser. But you can download similar applications for iOS and Android devices. They are safe and make your movie downloading experience hassle-free. Plus, it will also block ads on YouTube. Thus, you will get a YouTube premium for free.

Top Alternatives to JalshaMoviezHD 2021

If you prefer downloading movies online, then JalshaMoviezHD is not the only website that you need. There many similar sites like JalshaMoviezHD where you can download HD movies for free. We will show you the list of some of the best JalshaMoviezHD alternatives to download Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian Movies.


This is one of the most used and the oldest website to download Hindi dubbed and Hindi movies. You will find here all the latest as well as classic movies for free download. The catalog of movies is arranged in a way that users find any movie they wish to watch. In earlier days of the 2010s, this free movie website offered MP4 movies for mobile phones, but seeing the demand for HEVC HD movies offers high-quality movies. It offers multiple download links, so if one doesn’t work, users can use another link. Thus, this free movie download could be the best alternative to JalshaMoviezHD.


Previously known as Moviesfree4u, this site is a one-stop solution to download HD movies for free on any device. There are not TV shows or English movies. It is purely dedicated to providing movies in Hindi dubbed audio-only. A search option is given at the top where users can look for any movie title they wish to watch. However, you need to keep in mind that you may not find Bollywood movies here. This JalshaMoviezHD alternative entirely focuses on providing films dubbed in Hindi. It has Hollywood Hindi dubbed collection, south movies, Tamil movies, and Telugu movies.


When you want to download a roster of entertainment that is popular in the whole of India, then this would be your best choice. DownloadHub is one of the most popular Indian free movie download websites, so it can be the top alternative to JalshaMoviezHD. It offers movies, TV shows, OTT shows, Hindi dubbed South Indian movies, Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies, reality shows, daily soaps, and many more. The site is really quick to update the latest movies and series within hours of their premiers on their official platform. To find the download link, you will have to go through several ad popups, but in the end, it worth it.


Just like the previous options, this is also one of the oldest websites to download movies and series for free. We have been observing this site for the last ten years. It is really loved by users nationwide. Earlier, it was popular for downloading HD MP4 music videos and Mp3 songs, but now it provides full-length HD movies for free. HD quality is perfect for watching on bigger screens as well. Without a doubt, JalshaMoviezHD can be one of the best alternatives to JalshaMoviezHD.


This is another great website to download movies and series online for free. HDHub4U is not only the top alternative to JalshaMoviezHD, but it is among the top sites that provide a wide selection of movies and series in high-quality and hassle-free. The download links can be generated easily without going through annoying ads and popups. Thus, you can download movies and series for free on this website without any problem.