iOS launcher on Android platform is something that makes people attention towards the new features where you are not iPhone user and want to try the feeling of iPhone on your hand. iPhone launcher for Android is available here with the same original features that make the real feeling of using an iOS launcher.

iOS has the powerful compatibilities and Android has the compatible apps/games which makes both platform compelling OS. But when you operate iOS interface on Android device then iPhone launcher apk full version is the best example for this statement.

iphone launcher for android

There is another platform where Android user can easily get the iPhone launcher APK full version and update the android phone with the stylish status bar with iOS 7/8/9/x/11/12 as per the device configuration. inoty APK is the one that satisfied the Android user with the excellent ilauncher performance including all the original type notification as iPhone provide. If you are looking for more choices on your Android upon iPhone themes then check our iPhone launcher pro APK, the official link of Google Play for all the Android users.


Best iPhone Launchers for Android 2021

The Android devices have much more customization options Run iOS Apps on Android and there are compatible with all new launchers out in the market. You can any time switch the interface and get an experience of different Operating Software theme.

7iPhone XS/XS Max Launcher Prime Stylish OS Theme

The latest software of iPhone is OS 12 which now runs on the Android phones like an iPhone launcher AKP full version. This iOS has the stylish features in its launcher that provide the latest Prime experience just like the original Phone XS iPhone XS Max.  In this ilauncher, you will experience the control panel set your Wi-Fi, brightness, volume, music player, camera, flashlight etc.


6iLauncher OS 12 – Phone X & Control center

iLauncher 12 is one of the loving launchers of millions of Apple users, it has brilliant colours that crystal clears all the menus separately. This iPhone X I launcher has the alternate experience in Android version with iOS 12 skin which makes an original screen of iPhone. There are many features are added along with the skin in iOS launchers such as control centre iOS 12, screen look with pattern & Passcode, search function, decorated wallpapers, Smart toggle, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, data connection, touch vibration, silent mode and many more.


5One Launcher

One Launcher is one of the powerful iPhone Launchers for Android. That can work to the whole iPhone user interface to ride on Android devices. So it’s cool, they have got a best of features like iOS transition effects, icon packs, and few system icons as well. Once you have installed the iPhone launcher on android and you get the most of the apps are grouped based on the category, with the cleaner look and easy access to all the navigation ways. Some the Other features to introduce like unread count, gestures support available; you need to individual permission on the Android Marshmallow and later versions.

One Launcher makes it easy for everyone to get the experience of the iOS ecosystem.



iLauncher is another powerful iPhone Launchers for Android. It can get a powerful home screen launcher, which makes it easy for everyone to get the experience of super speedy and smooth operation on android. It’s well-designed Launcher for Android. It’s the best Android Launcher in one of them. There is no more advanced option to get, but you can get a more HD background wallpaper and images to setup and get a new look your device.

Also, more to you can long tap on the icons to edit and dislocate the images to anywhere as your needs. Just Drag and drop any icon over others to create a new folder you can name it as well. Drag your screen down to bring the search menu and well many of the features.


3Espier Launcher

Espier name is run similar to the iPhone interfaces; it can get an extra stylish look and customized apps for the android device. It can make your smartphone smooth, lag-free and appealing one. It is a mixture of the traditional iOS-style with the new one, which makes it very cheerful while using. Best part, you don’t have any limits when it comes to the widget, you can have up to eight. In this version, you can experience the incredible Android performance of iOS font, icons, search page, wallpaper, and animations.

You’ll real experience to ride with iPhone UI without no matter which agitated or missing. Separately from that, you’ll get the stunning customization over the icon size and layout so that you can change your smartphone look. The enhanced design makes it easier re-designing your app drawer and adjusting for an exacting feature. Overall UI isn’t inept and good looking and one of the best iPhone launcher.


2Flui Icon Pack

If you want to get best icon bunch that not only takes iOS icons but even betters them, then Flui Icon Pack should be your alternative. Flui Icon Pack makes more than 800 figures that are encouraged by iOS’ design and some of them also they look better than the iOS performance. Furthermore, Flui Icon Pack is available for most launchers together with famous ones like Nova, ADW, Themer, Aviate, Go, Next and more.


1iLauncher For OS 10

This one is for who want to ride ios 10 feature on their android device because it can get Apple OS 10 interface on your smartphone. Most of the system icons or replaced with iOS icons, so it feels good. One thing that I set up is the unread button count in the default messaging app that is overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is available for only messages you cannot modify no matter which!

Android launcher apps have long been an integral part of the Android experience. You don’t like the way your home screens look or act, and you like phone 7, you want experience os launcher and smart control style os10 on the phone seven but you not enough to buy a phone. You are looking for a Launcher app for your android phone then this one best for you.


“iPhone launcher for android have some options to get on track with the iPhone launchers, yes; you can get Apple iOS icon packs, user interface and switch to Android with some equal iOS launchers. You are not supposed to stop there; even there is an option to install iPhone apps on Android, well that has many issues which may or may not work”