The competition on YouTube constantly rises. This process is now pushed with the help of the world pandemic of COVID-19. And of course, many people are now trying their chances in blogging. Many of them are rushing to buy social media stats, for example – they buy 50 YouTube likes and hope that it will do all the work. And even though this method can help, you would still need to implement some strategies and techniques that will proceed with the growth of your channel. And the next question that comes up is what are these techniques and strategies? Well, read this text to find out!


Branding Your Channel

To give your profile a more interesting look to users, it has to look good. By branding, you are showing your personality, create a certain impression for it, and hint at your style and content. It also makes your channel look more professional, even if it is a personal blog. The things that you should brand are:

  • Channel icon
  • Banner image
  • In-video details, e.g. pop-up writings or images, background design, interior
  • Trailer of the channel

Your main tools for branding are color scheme, font, and logo.

Be Regular

Timing is vital on any social platform. And on YouTube you have to make your content flowing consistently, to keep your audience engaged. However good your videos can be, if you don’t post often enough and according to the schedule – you will lose many viewers. People like it stable!

So you must think about what period of time you will update your channel. If you have a few different categories of content (which is also recommended) you should set a specific time for each type. The perfect frequency for uploading videos would be around 2-3 times per week, if you cannot provide such frequency yet, try to stick to one video per week at least, and work on further increasing your consistency.

Search Optimisation

Also a must for any blogger who wants to reach success. To make your channel visible on the platform, you will have to do a small research and understand what are the most relevant keywords and phrases that can be used to find the content that you produce. These terms have to be included in your titles, video descriptions, channel description,” About”, and even into your speech in the videos. The last one is especially important if you are aiming for a younger audience (millennials) who are using voice search more and more.


This small picture is what any user sees in his search. It has to be a representation of your content. The main goal of a thumbnail in your video – to attract users and make them choose your video among others and increase the number of likes on YouTube. So here are the ground rules for creating a compelling thumbnail on YouTube:

  • Always create custom thumbnails. It gives you much more space for showing your style and content
  • Use simple color scheme: 1-2 colors would do, font color excluded
  • Add the image that hints at what will be going on in the video, but without giving out too much information

Upload Stories

YouTube Stories are a big trend right now. This platform is catching up to Instagram and Facebook, but unlike there, Stories on YT are lasting for 7 days. Even more people use YouTube on their smartphones. And stories are visible only for mobile users. Conclusion: great bonus to the growth of subscribers and views rate.

Spend Budget On Ads

To boost your profile faster and improve your results, you can invest in YouTube Ads. There are six types of Ads that can be used on this platform:

  • Sponsored ads
  • Display ads
  • Trueview Discovery ads and its skippable variation for live-streams
  • Overlay ads
  • 6-second bumper ads

Each type has its own specifics, but what they have in common is a serious boost to your visibility on this network. Definitely an option to try out.

Cross-platform Promotion

Of course, you should not limit your expansion with YouTube. A great way to get a bigger audience is to promote your channel on other social networks that you occupy. Remember- never copy your posts. Try to come up with a few new ideas for your content on each platform. Also, don’t forget to update the links to your fresh content on YouTube.

You can cross-promote your videos within the platform too. This sort of collaboration is quite popular on YouTube – you exchange videos with your partner and attract new audiences. Your job here is to create an engaging video and provide an effective presentation for your partner.

Check The Competition

To provide the most compelling content it is important to know that your concurrents are doing. First of all, you can see how their audience reacts to different content, what mistakes are there, and what is their style. But never copy what your competitors are doing, unless this is a massive challenge or flashmob.

However, you can seek inspiration and collaboration. This is also a sort of cross-promotion, which helps all the participants to get new viewers.

Think Out Of The Box

Creating 100 percent unique content on YouTube is practically impossible. It seems like this platform, being the second largest search engine, covers everything. But there is always a place in there for someone ambitious and full of new ideas for old stories. What is more appreciated on YouTube now is personality, something that makes you stand out from others, even if the niche is extremely popular, like food recipes, make-up tutorials, or gameplay records.

To Sum Up

YouTube offers many opportunities for creative minds to become influencers. But you cannot gross big numbers and reach top rates if you don’t work hard and put your soul into your blog. Conquering YouTube is tough due to the competition, but it is possible if you are targeted for success and have a clear strategy in your mind. We hope that the techniques above will help you to gain influence and find your audience on YouTube!