The craze of WWE 2K22 is at a new level since people worldwide are crazy about the game and spending too much time on it. WWE 2K22 is the best wrestling video game from Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. The game is based on the original WWE show, and WWE 2K22 is the latest version of the game.

As the older version of the game gained great popularity worldwide, the makers of the game developed this new WWE 2K22 version with great graphic control and new characters. Although the great are significant, we have seen several complaints about the 2x speed issue.

Many users reported online that they face WWE 2K22 speed up glitch issues because of the frame rate on all gameplay. Many users also said the same issue to the game developers and asked them to fix the issue. And some geeks have found the solution to get rid of WWE 2K22 speed up glitch problem.

How To Fix WWE 2K22 Speed Up Glitch Issue

To solve the WWE 2K22 speed up glitch problem, the user can enable TIMED GAME UPDATE. To do that, go to the Option > Extras> Graphics >Settings > Timed Game Update. Many players tried this method, which helped them get rid of the speed up bug on WWE 2K22. Also, make sure you set the VSYNC option set NO, and Action Camera FPS to 60.

Once you activate Timed Game Update, you will no longer see the face speed up glitch bug on WWE 2k22 game. Also, we suggest you keep the updated to the latest version to avoid rate up or any other issue. After using the above method to fix the WWE 2K22 speed up bug, if you still have the same issue or know any other working solution, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section.

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