Are you running out of creative ideas while Snapchatting? Fret not, as Snapchat’s My AI is here to rescue you. This chatbot is recently launched by Snapchat to add thrill to your overall social media experience. Although this new-gen feature has already become the subject of hilarious memes and genuine concerns, it is still worth giving a try, especially if you are a tech junkie who loves enjoying the latest innovations.

But here the question arises – how good is Snapchat’s AI, and what can you ask of the same? If you intend to make the best out of Snapchat’s chatbot, then make sure to outline fun things to do with it. To your surprise, this chatbot is capable of performing tons of cool and fascinating things to keep users engaged.

So, are you ready to explore this chatbot to its maximum abilities? Here’s a quick rundown of the best things to ask My AI on Snapchat. Scroll through them and enjoy this chatbot it the fullest.


Is it safe to use Snapchat AI?

Before we move down to further responses, it’s good to find out if using Snapchat AI is safe. And the answer is YES. Developers assure that the chatbot has nothing to do with overall Snapchat’s performance, and you can use it fiercely. However, they clearly mention that conversations between you and My AI might get recorded by the company and will be used later to improve the tool. Hence, make sure not to share any sensitive information with My AI and just use it for having fun only.

The 6 Best Things to Say to Snapchat AI

Snapchat AI is a fun way to enjoy this social media platform. It sometimes generates responses that you wouldn’t have expected from an AI tool, thus leaving you with a barrel of laughs. But since the whole concept of Snapchat’s My AI is fairly new, most users often think about what to ask or say to this chatbot.

Hence, our experts have used this AI tool and come up with a handful of things you can ask to My AI to get funny responses. We bet these questions or saying will surely leave you off the wall. So, shall we start exploring?

1.      Explain you are hungry.

Have you ever thought about explaining your hunger to an AI tool? Try it once, and you’ll surely enjoy round the floor laughing at the response. When you tell My AI that you are hungry, it instantly asks about your mood and your favorite food joint. Once it gathers the information, it starts giving bizarre combinations of food from the said place. You can try offering different names and enjoy wacky suggestions from this AI chatbot. Although My AI doesn’t satiate your appetite, its absurd replies undoubtedly leave you stunned.

2.      Go personal and ask about your favorite artist

My AI isn’t only launched to ask general questions; you can also dig deeper by asking about your favorite artist. Believe it or not, this AI won’t let you down and shows the spirit of guessing even if you haven’t shared this information about it yet. If it offers an incorrect reply, don’t lose your patience, and ask about other guesses to keep the fun going.

3.      Ask about some riddle

Yet another fun way to kill your time with Snap chatbot is to ask My AI to tell you a riddle. This question is ideal for those new to AI bots and who have no idea where to begin. While the riddle might be simple, you can make the process thrilling by twisting your replies. Engage the chatbot with your weird responses and keep the fun going.

4.      Ask My AI to guess your location.

Let’s admit – asking about location is one of the leading and fun questions to ask My AI. However, before you ask this question, make sure to turn your location off. Otherwise, it simply uses the data to answer, and the fun will be over in seconds.

Once you ask My AI about your location, it simply answers that it cannot access your location. That’s where the fun begins. Ask for the nearest restaurant and wait for its response. This activity lets you know how well this AI is designed and if it can sustain long-term or not.

As soon as the My AI shares details of the nearest restaurant, ask how it knows about it and carry on the continuous loop to fritter away time.

5.      Start a fun conversation.

Okay, you are done asking about location, riddle, and your favorite artist. What’s next? Well, the evergreen idea that may help you enjoy taking to My AI is to start a friendly conversation.

Snapchat’s My AI is designed to amuse Snapchatters. Users can interact with the chatbot like they are talking to a friend. Just ask My AI anything, and it replies without taking a pause. Hence, you can start fun conversations and can also play trivia games, like 20 questions. Make the game fun by adding some bizarre and unexpected questions.

However, before you kickstart it, be mindful that My AI is a mere chatbot, and it can lose track of things due to some minor bugs.

6.      Command My AI to change its nickname to something fictional

Yet another thing you can ask or command My AI is to change its name to something fictional or evil. Trust me, the answers and choices will be hilarious. It compiles all evil and fictional characters and returns some of the popular ones, like Thanos, Voldemort, Sauron, and many more.

To keep the fun going, reject all its suggestions, and ask the AI to suggest other fictional names.


While Snapchat AI is launched to offer a better Snapchatting experience, you can use the tool to pass the time by asking some quick-witted questions. And the best part is that the tool replies to your every question in a waggish manner, leaving you giggling.

If you have other suggestions, then feel free to share them with us in the comments below. For more such witty questions, please stay in touch with us.

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