All people love the excitement and the possibility of winning. Internet users are used to buying things in online stores and getting them home delivery. But what if you can pay a small amount and win a much more valuable product? This is a very interesting perspective that worries the minds of many people. The service has a new site. All mystery boxes here for the right choice.

Drake Mall is a famous site that sells mystic boxes. The essence of this online store is that you can buy a special coupon card for a certain amount of money in order to make a purchase of a certain box. It may contain a set of products, which was originally shown on the site. Many people are suspicious of this site. Let’s test this website. The interface is user-friendly for the new clients.


First, you need to create an account and write down the basic data. After that, you should replenish your account. We will show it later. Choose the box you like. Any box contains a certain amount of prizes.  Pay attention to the percentage of the drop rate. Some goods are rear, another is common.

What’s behind the mystery box? Let’s check this out!

In order to open the box, just click on the corresponding button on the website. The greatest interest of this service is the ability to win a certain thing, paying for it a small amount of money. You can buy a box using a PayPal account or gift card. This service is suitable for those people who want to try their luck. Just use the gift card. Account replenishment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller cards. Gift cards can be purchased at Kinguin or Gamivo. Choose the required amount of the card and purchase it. You will receive a 12-digit code that can be used on the site. The DrakeMall FB can give you all answers.

Behind this idea is the desire to create an excellent service for gambling users. People who want to buy a particular thing use traditional online stores. Fans of extreme sports also want to get an unforgettable experience. You can win a lot of prizes such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or iPhone Xr.Many people are eager to win an expensive prize for the minimum amount of money. This is a real fountain of emotions that energizes for a long time. Nevertheless, a lot of positive feedback from Drakemall speaks of the complete legality and honesty of the service. The site works for a long period of time and pleases all fans of gambling entertainment. This is a kind of show where you can get a guaranteed prize. Just sometimes it is especially valuable.

Website review and legit comments

Regular users can purchase products at a standard price and get them delivered to their homes. The delivery service operates on legal grounds and in accordance with international law. The chances to win anything from the mystery box are marked on each box page. This means that all users have good chances. On our site, you can read all the legal information and learn more about the scheme of the site’s activities.

Despite detractors, the Internet resource continues to work and give prizes to all the lucky ones. Thousands of positive comments and unpacking are direct confirmation. Users receive all parcels in a timely manner and with the specified product. Receiving a package or cash reward is the right of every user. Everyone has the right to decide what he likes.

Each user can get a chance for an expensive and high-quality thing that can fall out of the box. All actions of the players are spontaneous and it brings a lot of fun. This is real excitement that allows players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an exciting and exciting journey in search of the desired things.

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