The English Premier League is the biggest domestic football competition on the planet. In the UK alone, around two million people tune in to watch each game on TV, with hundreds of millions from the rest of the world joining them. 

As the 2021-22 season gets underway, here’s how you can keep up to date with all the latest Premier League action from your smartphone. 

Predictions and Insights

Part of fun that comes from following football is the build-up to the game. We like to examine the lineups of each squad to try to predict which team will come out on top and what the final score is likely to be. 

Online bookmakers offer odds on every single Premier League game in the weeks leading up to kick-off. As news about injuries, starting players, and previous matches become available, these predictions and odds will vary. 

Almost all bookies have smartphone apps that you can use too, so you can stay updated with the latest developments from wherever you are. With the new season just starting, most are also currently running attractive free bet promotions to entice new customers, making now a good time to choose a new betting app. 

Follow the Match Live

If you already have a subscription to a sports broadcaster like Sky, then you may be able to use their app to stream games live. If you don’t, British fans can purchase short-term passes from NOW TV for a relatively small fee. 

If you can’t watch the game on the go, there are still plenty of options. Several broadcasters provide radio coverage of the game, so you can listen along from your smartphone while you go about your day. 

Live Scores

Sometimes you can’t watch or listen live, either because you’re at work or you’re otherwise occupied. Thankfully, it is still possible to keep up with what’s happening by tracking the live scores. 

Most British news outlets, Google, and some dedicated sports apps all provide live scores and text commentary so you can keep an eye on events on the pitch. Some services will even provide you with push notifications whenever anything significant happens in a game. 

If you don’t want to download an app, you can simply search the name of the team you want to know about Google will usually display the live score, details of any red or yellow cards, and tell you how long is left to play. 

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