The manner in which we choose to game has changed over the decades, and we are now in an age where we are able to game in a number of different ways. Gaming online allows for interaction with other gamers, as well as access to more games than ever before.

There are entire tribes and forums, chat groups and platforms dedicated to whichever game you choose to play, and all of this is occurring simultaneously, online. Online gaming is growing more than any other hobby and it’s growing across the age groups and the types of games that can be played.

How and Where to Play

The number of ways that online games can be accessed and played has increased and changed in line with the changes in technology and access to the internet.

Consoles have become a popular way to access online games from the comfort of the home. It’s a way to connect to the internet through the home network and will provide hours of gaming entertainment. The big three shouldn’t surprise and they are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Handheld games or portable consoles have made a comeback and a number of the golden oldies such as Gameboy and Nintendo Switch are now hot favorites.

Mobile apps can be free with in-app purchases or may require a subscription or charge to play. These have become increasingly popular as time-fillers and the commuter’s way to keep entertained. If you are going to play through a mobile app ensure they are known and have credible reviews, a great example is Ruby Fortune, which pridesitself on site security.

PCs offer some of the best online gaming and there is a growing trend of those who build their own gaming-specific PC for the sole purpose of accessing and playing games online.

AR and VR have begun to revolutionize this gaming sector and now you are able to meet up  and interact in a much more realistic manner as you game.

Online security for gamers

One of the key aspects of online gaming is the safety aspect. Many who play online often ignore or are too busy having fun to recognize that their cyber-security is vital. Regardless of how you have gone online and how long for, as long as you have gone online to game or play, you need to have set up the right cyber-security.

Hacking gamers’ accounts or gaining access to your home network through the free online game you have just downloaded and played is becoming more common and cyber-crime more sophisticated.

Online gaming has indeed seen a marked increase in popularity and the manner in which games can now be accessed has been simplified, allowing anyone with the internet to game online. It’s a great way to pass the time and interact with other like mined gamers. Just be aware of your online security and ensure that you have the right firewalls and passwords to prevent unwanted access.

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