With the massive, gloal rise of mobile phone usage, the number and genres of games available for various mobile devices has also risen to meet this demand. As you would expect, it has also become big business, with some mobile games creating revenues that match some console games and even some movie franchises.

It also means that the demographic of players is now even wider than it was before (the stereotypical image of a ‘gamer’ was always way out anyway), and the types of games available match that, because with millions of potential users worldwide, there is not really such a thing as a‘niche’audience anymore.

#1 Traditional games

Ever since computer games have existed, many have tried to replicate games already played in the real world. The games on early PCs like solitaire show the strength of card games, and board games quickly followed on desktop, and then as soon as it became available, on mobile devices too. This genre is one of the strongest now, whether it be the latest versions of Monopoly or the latest twists on other games like the ones found at www.ca.royalvegascasino.com, still grabbing loads of attention years after they first emerged.

#2 Simulation games

The first thing that springs to mind when you talk about simulationgames might be the flight and driving simulator games of the last 20 years or so. The transition to mobile devices for these games is not what this section is about, but rather the rise of games where you run a farm, a village, or even a whole island. The word simulation is very loosely used here of course, but the genre is popular with a variety of ages groups across all genders, with at least one of them becoming a billion dollar game.

While these games are free to download, they generate revenue by showingads and offers for resources or items to boost the players standing within the game.

#3 Casual ‘match 3’ games

These types of games work on the same financial model as the simulation games above, and players move through levels by clearing a certain amount of items by matching three or more of them in a limited number of moves. The most famous of these is almost certainly ‘Candy Crush’, with an estimated 273 million users playing the game each month. Typically, games like these are constantly updated with different sub-games and new levels to keep the player engaged. There are also newer ‘sequels’ to the most popular titles (for instance, the Candy Crush saga) working off the popularity of the brand, in the same way both books and movies do.

A few final thoughts

Although we all know that the traditional image of a gamer as a spotty teenager in a headset is utter nonsense, we might not be aware of the number of hours that other types of gamers put in on a daily basis, building farms and matching candy on their mobile devices which makes up both a large amount of the total users and revenue generated by this industry.

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