The 5 Best Email Lookup

Are you struggling to build a high-quality leads list? Do your emails have a super low open rate? Then it is time to use an email lookup tool to find direct and up-to-date email addresses for your prospects. To help you out, we have ranked the top 5 tools on the market!

1. SignalHire

SignalHire email lookup is the ultimate prospecting tool on the market. SignalHire lets you search for prospects based on name, company, location, or phone number and then will reveal detailed and highly accurate contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. Even better, with the SignalHire Chrome extension, you can open any LinkedIn profile and pull the prospect’s direct email address and phone number.

SignalHire makes it super easy to build a leads list because you can perform bulk searches using their 650 million strong global B2B database and then upload the results directly to your CRM. Even better, this tool will verify email addresses, so you don’t send emails to dead accounts. Forget about wasting your time browsing social media or Googling in hopes of finding a prospect’s email; use SignalHire and access real email addresses right now!


You can try out SignalHire for free today! They offer a free trial with 5 free credits monthly, which you can use to search their database or try out their Google Chrome extension. You can upgrade your account and receive additional accounts for under $40 per month.

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified will find you even the most hidden emails! This is a 100% free prospecting tool and lets you search via email, name, or phone number. Then it trawls through all of the biggest public databases in the US to find accurate information on the prospect.

BeenVerified only works in the US market but has email addresses for millions of people, and thanks to their simple-to-navigate database, you can quickly find contact details. Even though it is not a specific B2B prospecting tool, it is used by many sales professionals. BeenVerified is best suited to small businesses on a budget or companies that don’t perform much prospecting. It does not verify emails and has zero CRM integration, and you can’t perform bulk searches.


Incredibly BeenVerified is a 100% free tool; you do not have to pay anything to fully use their services. This is because BeenVerified is an aggregator of public records. You can perform as many searches as you like every single month!

3. Instant Checkmate

Are you finding it impossible to find an email address for a prospect? Then Instant Checkmate is your best friend! Instant Checkmate is a lightning-fast public record searcher that aggregates data from around the web. All you need to do is enter the prospect’s name into the database and hit enter. Then before you know it, you see the prospect’s email address, phone number, social media profiles, addresses, and place of work. You will feel like a private detective with all that precious data at your fingertips.

At the moment, Instant Checkmate only works for US citizens, and it is more of a background checker than a B2B sales prospecting tool. It does not work with LinkedIn, does not integrate with CRMs, and there is no browser extension. Despite the lack of features, it is easy to use, and the contact information tends to be highly accurate.


Instant Checkmate is running a great free trial offer that costs just $1. You can fully test out their services and determine if this product is right for you. Once your free trial expires, you can upgrade and receive unlimited credits for a reasonable $35 per month. If you are willing to sign a long-term contract, Instant Checkmate will offer you a range of incentives and discounts.

4. FindThatLead

FindThatLead can turn you into a prospecting superstar overnight! With this prospecting tool, you can instantly track down anyone’s email address. Simply head to FindThatLead, open their database, and enter the prospect’s name. Before you know it, this tool will reveal the prospect’s email, mobile phone number, and social media profiles. FindThatLead will verify emails and is known for using various sources to ensure the contact information you receive is current and accurate.

FindThatLead is more than just a database. It also has CRM integration and bulk searching capability and allows you to send out email campaigns and search their database using keywords that can reveal new prospects.


At the moment, FindThatLead does not offer a free trial or provide complimentary credits.FindThatLead’s basic package, which is ideal for small companies, starts from a very reasonable $49 per month and gives you access to 5000 credits. If you are a large company and need unlimited credits, $399 per month is a great option.

5. is an incredibly popular email lookup tool. They currently have over 100 million emails in their database, so the chances of getting a direct hit when you enter your prospect’s name are high! will also verify emails prior, lets you perform bulk searches, and integrates with a number of CRMs. provides you with accurate and detailed contact information that you need to prospect effectively. With a quick search, you can immediately access the decision maker’s emails and phone numbers. also comes with a helpful browser extension that can instantly pull contact details from websites. With this tool, you will see your email reply rates soar and avoid painful conversations with gatekeepers!

Pricing provides 25 free searches every single month. If you need additional searches, you can upgrade for only $49 per month. The top package, which grants unlimited searches, costs $399 per month.

Wrapping Up

If you want to improve outbound prospecting and close more deals in 2023, then you need to directly contact more people. However, finding direct contact information is tricky as people keep their numbers and email addresses hidden, and gatekeepers are masters at preventing you from making contact. Luckily, mentioned tools solve this problem! Start your free trial with them today and improve your prospecting now!

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