The recent addition to the app store, the Gas App, is a new and exciting way to compliment your friends and family. From the very beginning, it has been marketed as a way to praise your friends to promote their self-esteem. Since all questions it asks are uplifting, it makes it challenging to identify the person.

Are you new to the Gas app and wondering whether or not it is available on Android? In that case, this guide is for you. Our experts have reviewed the app from the deep within and compiled a step-by-step guide to check on how to download and use on your Android smartphones. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is Gas App?

Despite being available only in a few US states, Gas has still earned high-end popularity among users. It is an anonymous question-answer app that has taken the world by storm. This app allows teenagers to find their crush without revealing their identity.

It is pretty different from other social media applications, it doesn’t boast a feature to talk or post content, unlike other social platforms; rather it lets you interact with polls while motivating people to connect with others and letting them know who has a crush on them, but anonymously.

You’ll be glad to discover that Gas to referred to being the “Hottest App of All Times” by the Wall Street Journal. It is named after internet slang, which means a person who goes out of his way to impress someone.

How Does the Gas App Work?

Since the Gas App is usually different from other social media platforms, users need to know how it works before they jump into the same. Using this app is pretty simple, and anyone can use it without getting into any technicalities.

It mainly uses your location data when you sign up to help you select your high school and lets you add your near and dear ones. However, you must remember that you cannot talk to or message them using this application.

Instead, you’ll be served MCQs about feeling students or friends you have added with superlative answers. Once you answer the question, your friends will receive Flames, and it will, in turn, increases their self-esteem.

How to Download the Gas App on Android?

Unfortunately, the app is still not available on Android smartphones. While it was earlier released for Android in beta versions, but then removed owing to bugs and issues. The app is still in the testing phase, and it will be made available as soon as makers remove all bugs and issues from the same.

However, iPhone users can easily use it, as it is available on the Apple App Store. According to the reports generated by Teal Mango, makers are still working on the app and adding more features to make the platform safer before the final launch on Android.


That’s all about it. We hope our guide has helped you understand the Gas App and how to use it. Since the app is not available for Android users yet, you still have to wait until the makers finally launch it on Google Play Store. We will update the post as soon as we get any official information regarding the same. Till then, you can stay in touch with us for more informational guides.

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