Thumbnails are the design that gives an idea about what lies ahead in a video. They help viewers preview the content and build their interest in a clip to make them watch it. They are usually used for YouTube and social media platforms. Therefore, if you are a content creator and want users to consume your content, you must design compelling thumbnails to excite them.

Hence, you need to possess strong design skills to craft attractive thumbnails. However, if you need help designing thumbnails yourself, you can take help from thumbnail maker apps which enable you to draft designs on your mobile phones without hassle.

These programs have premade templates, which can be customized to get fitting thumbnails.

This blog post will enlighten you on a few thumbnail-maker applications you can use to design thumbnails.


Top-Rated Thumbnail Apps

Here is the list of the most remarkable applications that can help you design flabbergasted thumbnails with minimum effort.

1.   Thumbnail Maker- Channel Art

Developed by CA publishers, you can use this free Youtube thumbnail maker to create fantastic thumbnails, cover photos, and banners for YouTube and other media platforms.

Therefore, it can produce impressive designs to make your content more appealing and lure across the web to increase user engagement. As a result, your visibility and watch time increase significantly, which helps you achieve more conversions. The feature which makes this application imperious is that it does not assimilate any watermark to the created thumbnails.

Hence, you don’t have to face any issues in branding yourself. You can also create cover photos for social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with its help alongside thumbnails.

Furthermore, it allows you to pick a dimension from the multiple options that fit your target audience’s screens. Furthermore, you can directly publish your design of different mediums from the app gallery.

2.   Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker

Established by the Stylish app world, this application can help you produce mesmerizing thumbnails and banners for videos within a few minutes. To use this tool, you don’t have to garner any mastery. Instead, you can benefit from it right after installing it without any prior designing experience because it is a perfect outfit for beginners. That allows you to add text in different styles and formats for personalization.

Moreover, plenty of effects are available here that can make your thumbnails more enchanting. Furthermore, there is also the luxury of adding some stickers to your designs to buff up your thumbnails.

Therefore, you can use it to get a thumbnail banner intro which is crucial in getting more viewership. A report says that videos with thumbnail banner acclaim 50% more readership.

3.   Thumbnail Maker- YT Banner

This app’s creator is Applux Private Limited. Using this cutting-edge and effective tool, you may quickly and easily make customized video thumbnails and miniatures for your films.

Consequently, you may attract more attention to your material, grow your audience, and establish yourself on social networking platforms because it contains all the necessary design components for eye-catching thumbnails.

Unlike other tools, this program enables you to create banner covers and intro cover photographs.

The best feature of this tool is the luxury of saving your designs for later editing when you get free time in case you have to stop your work midway, which may not be the scenario in other apps.

Moreover, it makes content promotion more glorious by enabling you with extremely treasured typography that helps you stand out in the competition, thus securing more viewership.

4.   Canva

Canva is a versatile graphic design app that provides a wide variety of design tools, including templates and resources to create striking and professional-looking designs such as thumbnails, posters, logos, social media posts, and much more. So, using Canva, you can create breathtaking thumbnails for your videos. You can start doing so with an empty canvas; otherwise, you can use countless premade templates available in the database of this application.

Additionally, using the stock photos collection, graphics, and fonts, you can prepare customized thumbnails to attract more viewers to your platform.

Moreover, its interface is easy as you can drag and drop different elements from relative sections instead of doing much hassle.

Furthermore, you can get your hands on various shapes and icons that make the placement of your desired information more organized and structured inside thumbnails. Lastly, you can resize images and adjust the colour schemes to match the design vibe with your brand voice.

Final Remarks

These are the top applications that can help Android users to craft inspiring thumbnails for their videos. They offer valuable and commendable features in the free mode.

However, if you buy their premium plans, you can unlock truly exemplary design templates and elements. As a result, you won’t need to hire a designer for any design at any stage.

We hope that whenever you take assistance from any of these apps, you will get satisfied with your results.

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