The majority of the world has tested the fruits of advancement in technology, which has changed people’s way of life in different sectors, and the realm of education hasn’t been left behind. Digital and actual classrooms are now in one way or the other depending on technology to dispense its services to students. Do you know how that happens? Well, the use of a computer is at the center of learning in this modern age.

However, to beat all the odds and be at par with what your professor needs, you should have a reliable computer with the best performing speed. However, do you know how to boost the performance of your computer to avoid lagging that may hinder you from completing an assignment on time? Here are some of the simple tricks:

Running a Cleaner Tool

Every computer has unnecessary files that haven’t been in use for a while. Therefore, such files and programs take a substantial space on your hard drive for no reason and end up slowing your computer performance due to the available small space that hindersthe great performance of the PC.

Therefore, running a cleaner tool, for example, disc cleaner, allows a student computer to find which files and programs can be eliminated to free up space for only necessary and the most vital programs they use frequently.

Enhance the Ram Size of Your Computer

Even though the evolution of windows has seen the introduction of Windows 10, which uses the smallest RAM compared to others, it is crucialto increase the RAM size of a computer to speed up its performance.

With an added Ram, your computer performance can go up overwhelmingly, and you can also be able to play some computer games to refresh your mind as you prepare for coursework. You can access some of the applications and programs you couldn’t before or the ones that couldn’t run properly on your computer before the Ram size enhancement.

However, if you are using convertible laptops, you have no otherwise but settling with what comes with the PC since they don’t allow RAM enhancement. What’s more, it is easier and also cheaper to add the RAM of your computer. If you are highly knowledgeable about a computer tower, it will only take you at most one hour to get the job done.

Incorporatinga Startup SSD to Your PC

Have you ever been assigned a custom writing assignment only to be failed by a computer that is slowing to startup? What did you do? Salvaging the lagging nature of computers that takes long to start up is simple.

Installing startup SSD goes a long way towards easing the pressure exerted on the computer’s processor when it is booted up. Therefore, even if you have several applications running in the background, this startup SSD will play a role in making the programs load faster and run smoothly.

With this drive in place, you can get your assignments done in real-time. Such is because the drive gives your PC an extra push needed during startup by boosting the performance of apps that need more memory to run properly.

Check for Malware and Spyware

Browsing the web is a gateway for the computerto pick viruses. Therefore, avoid surfing the web while you have a pending assignment that needs your attention due to fear of picking computer viruses.

Windows defender has made it easier to identify malware that may pose a threat or slowing the performance of your PC. What’s more, you need to incorporate third-party antiviruses to help in removing viruses and spyware that you might have picked when surfing the web.

Lolo system mechanic is one of the software you’ll need to have an ideal experience with your computer. It comes with lots of excellent tools necessary in keeping your PC running and at its best performance. It blocks malware, for instance, viruses and spyware, and besides plays a role of eliminating blotware, the computer manufactures install that slows down the PC.

Shut Down Your PC When Not in Use

Turning off your PC when not in use and starting up again when you need to use it can work wonders in terms of its performance. Therefore, if your computer is experiencing a lag, consider unplugging it and turning it off. Take some time, replug it, and then turn it on.

Bottom Line

With the information provided, solving computer performance problems becomes more straightforward. All you should do is to identify the hard disk/RAMsize or windows type of your computer and get started. Don’t let computer performance affect your job delivery or assignment submission.