We have got the best Anonymous texting apps which help the user to hide the name of the sender through apps where a person is sending a message to the person who will only know or even hide from the receiver as well. This process of sending a message will create fun with the message online world on your smart palm gadget.


Anonymous texting is an app where a person is not identified by name and shown as unknown such as the donors who wish to remain anonymous. The apps which we have researched and provided the user who wishes to be hidden by name are now having the surprise with our best apps like Anonymous Texting.

Best Anonymous Texting apps

Let us reveal some apps which make you Anonymous in every text messages just like the Anonymous texting apps works.

Here’s The Best Anonymous Texting Apps

1Anonymous Texting:

Anonymous Texting is the best place to send text messages or picture in an anonymous way with this app. This smart app is developed by Mathrawk in a communication category. This app helps to hide your real number and make it the anonymous phone number.

Anonymous Texting apps gives you the Prank texting, Sending texts from a new phone number, posting on craigslist, dating, anything you want to keep yourself safe when you don’t want to reveal your real phone number, finding out if your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you and Finding out if your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you.

Anonymous Texting current Android Varies with the device is supported with app version Varies with device.

Anonymous Texting
Anonymous Texting
Developer: Mathrawk
Price: Free+

2Fake Caller ID:

Fake Caller ID the only app which provides the 100% free anonymous calls to its users. This app has been connected with more than 2 million people who are making over 9 million calls with Fake Caller ID.

This app is good for fun by making prank calls to friends which has a sign for you that other not call you back. This app is been used and available in any country of the world.

The best feature of Caller ID is you can set your caller ID to be ANY number when calling (your real Caller ID will not be shown). It has the function to change your voice to sound like a man or a woman and record calls to listen later or share with family and friends, you get 2 FREE calls per day to fake your caller id. Call to almost any country in the world with a fake caller id and if you had any problem regarding this app then customer support available Monday through Friday to help you out.

Fake Caller ID
Fake Caller ID
Developer: Best Fake Call Apps
Price: Free+

‎Trace Bust
‎Trace Bust
Developer: Trace Bust, Inc.
Price: Free+

3Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Anonymous Text & Call:

This app is the only one which helps you in both personal and business second phone number. It generates the second number which makes the reverse phone number lookup, phone call recording, anonymous texting and local + international calling, international texting, SMS and MMS capability including much more other function which makes this app the best.

You can protect your privacy to make calls and text with a free second phone number without giving away your real phone number.

Phone free gives you as many phone numbers as you want by using a random phone number generator. You can hide your caller id and protect your privacy This gives you almost unlimited fake phone numbers for Twitter, Uber, Craigslist, E-bay, Facebook and other service verification.

So get the best experience with this app to secure you totally and make you stand on the safe side.

Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text
Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text

4Fake A Text Message:

Fake A Text Message is one of the best original apps for the fake text message, I-message, Skype, What app and other social media app like this. You can check the message sender or send the message to fake text that will be sent to you on your iPhone and even iPod touch.

The best features which are lived by the 3 million + peoples

It creates entire fake conversations and gives a notification when you receive the fake text, even if you’re not in the app, even vibrates when you receive the “text” on your iPhone only with a timer. This apps support full retina display support with beautiful graphics. You can choose from pre-written texts and type in a sender or select from your contacts.

This app has helped people get out of over 25,000,000 awkward situations, so get the benefit of this app and make your life in fun and secure stage.

Fake A Text Message current version 1.2 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above

Fake A Text Message
Fake A Text Message
Developer: Phan Lam
Price: Free+

5Fake Text Message:

Fake Text Message is also worked on Android Nougat as well, where you can send and received attached images and get out of awkward solutions created by the Neuron Digital.

With the help of this app you get the benefit of sending an SMS to yourself in one of following options:

Inbox – fake received SMS

Sent – fake SMS sent successfully to anyone.

Draft – fake SMS saved as a draft.

Outbox- fake SMS sent to anyone.

Failed- fake SMS that failed to send.

In version 2 you have the added stability.

In version 3 the Icon and App name can be easily changed from preferences to hide the app from others. Graphics revamp and fixed bug related to Time input along with a minor bug that was closing the app for Android 4.3 users.

In Version 4 you get the added MMS feature to attach the image with the message.

Added share feature and fixed Contact button bug.

Fixed Date/Time bug and added an Ad-free version.

It fixed a purchase related bug and removed Queue option.

So get this app function and features in one app to solve all problems in Fake Text Message.

Fake Text Message current Android 5.2 or above is supported with app version 4.0

Text Message Creator
Text Message Creator
Developer: NeuronDigital
Price: Free+

6Smiley Anonymous Texting:

Smiley Anonymous Texting is the private text message app developed by Binary Pattern. These apps gives you the private texting from a real new number and send the text with pictures without exposing your real number. It locks your text behind a passcode or touch ID.

This app is not totally free but you will receive a 1-week free trial and after the trial, a payment will be charged to your Account.

This app is been made on the idea bases for Texting, Craigslist, and Business.

Do not use the service for sending a prank text, fake text, spoof text or for anonymous texting because your text will not know who you are unless you tell the person whom you send the message.

Smiley Anonymous Texting current version 6 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above and current Android 4.4 or above is supported with app version 4

‎Smiley Private Texting SMS
‎Smiley Private Texting SMS

7iFake Text Message:

iFake Text Message is a Dillon Hess developer message app which gives the user for conversation text message. Where the sender cannot be identified by the receiver. This app the feature when you are using the android phone it creates a screenshot that looks exactly like a real iPhone text and many other exciting features that makes this app the best app on the Android market for creating fake text messages.

iFake Text Message current Android 4.1 or above is supported with app version 1.3.1

iFake Text Message
iFake Text Message
Developer: Dillon Hess
Price: Free

8Anonymous SMS, Send SMS Free:

Anonymous SMS, Send SMS Free is the best anonymous SMS app which has more useful features including the country selection of number so people will never understand that from where you send the message. This app gives the best features of message type such as standard, Unicode, i credit, 2 credits and 3 credits.

Anonymous SMS, Send SMS Free supports the most popular languages such as English, French, and Spanish. So get the benefit of this brilliant application on your smart gadget.

Anonymous SMS Send SMS Free current Android 2.2 or above is supported with app version 4.0

Anonymous SMS, Send SMS Free
Anonymous SMS, Send SMS Free

9Fake Text Message:

Fake Text Message is the best operating android app where you can create a prank SMS. This app is full of fun to make a fool to friends or girlfriend and with this application, you can simulate phone SMS from the best fake text message app.

This app is very easy to use only you have to start the app and enter the fake text message and other information about the fake sender and fool message send your friend.

This app is free of cost and you can make fate text message and send them all you want will also not be charged in future as well and for the best result, you have to update this app regularly.

Fake Text Message current Android 3.0 or above is supported with app version 1.1.0

Fake Text Message
Fake Text Message
Developer: Flex Solutions
Price: Free


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