All of us have business to attend to. Whether it’s working for somebody else, working for ourselves, or getting things done around the house, business is business. Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by what we have to do. Our plate can only fit so much. This is why we get burned out. We have so much to do with 10 other things on the back burner. Sometimes, we’ve got to know when to slow down and prioritize. Prioritizing tasks is of the utmost importance in today’s business world. We have multi-million dollar publicly traded companies who specialize in, you guessed it, prioritizing tasks. For you, the individual, it is equally as important. Here’s why.

What Truly Matters

If you can adequately manage your time, you get a sense of what is really important. We’ve all been in a situation, where we find ourselves completely stressed out over the smaller details, as opposed to the bigger picture. An example of this at home is trying to get rid of the impossible yet tiny stain while ignoring a sink full of dishes. The professional world is the same way. Luckily for us, we have programs and technology on our side. While some like to keep a simple checklist on a Notes app, others like to use LogSpace and other efficient tools to keep all their tasks in a row. The upside of these specialized apps is the ability to be informed, and interact with your checklist. It’s more like having a personal assistant in your pocket.

Tracking Every Cent

On top of managing time, managing finances of equal importance. There’s an old adage that has always Been true: “Time is money“. The ability to manage your finances gives you the freedom to make accurate moves. It doesn’t matter if it’s Starbucks, or a brand new house, every single cent matters. If one has inadequate financial management, It can cause holes in one’s future financial plans. Therefore, understanding where you spend your money, and how much you stand to make with the time you put in per job, will keep you in a knowledgeable and advantageous position.

Time and Expenses


Managing both time and money is the launching pad for growth. It’s the cornerstone of savings and investment. You may have $1000 now. But if you all the bank $2000, then you don’t really have $1000. That’s the basics of managing both. On one hand, you won’t waste your time thinking of where you’re going to put that thousand dollars. Do you know where you’re going to put it? On the other hand, once you have to spend it, you’ll know how much you have left. In the end, managing both time and money as a matter of common sense. Keep a checklist, update your apps, and stay away from any rash decisions.

Knowing where you stand financially puts you at an advantage. You may see 20 somethings riding around in Ferraris, claiming that they know the secret to affiliate marketing/Forex/flipping houses/whatever it is the next trend is. But for all we know, they could be borrowing money, using client money, or taking advantage of the trust fund. All you have control over is you. In the real world, managing time and finances is what gets you ahead.