Here are the best Xbox One X accessories that improve your gaming power with Microsoft’s new console.

In this way, we will show you the some useful Xbox One X accessory to buy, and that’s wrong with the Xbox One X user or the add-ons that it comes with already. The first of all you need to battery packs for your controllers that save you from running to a drugstore in the core of the darkness to pick up just AA batteries.

Another most useful accessory for Xbox one x is Xbox One Media Remote that gives the casual console users in your family or friends a way to watch Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu Plus without choice up to a critical, problematical controller just to drive and play. But here Microsoft will include a terrible Xbox Chat Headset with your most potent console ever the Xbox One X. so that you need a wireless headset for Xbox One X. it’s cables free and provides solid sound.

Well, you must have to know that the each of the Xbox One X accessories costs is the very high budget.  But Xbox one gamers have must buy because they give a more exciting. Also using this accessory, they improve their gaming experience. Make sure, you already to buy new Xbox One X Enhanced games, which you’ve already purchased to enhance your Xbox One or Xbox One S experience they now work on the Xbox One X. So do not worry about it, if you have any of the best Xbox One X accessories already, you can think your cash on the more luxurious upgrades. Then drive with the best Xbox One X accessories that you can buy.


Best Xbox One X Accessories

  • Xbox One Media Remote
  • Xbox One Play & Charge Kit
  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Plantronics RIG 400HX
  • PowerA Vertical Stand for Xbox One X
  • Xbox Design Lab Controller
  • Razer Thresher Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Xbox One Controller Stand

1Xbox One Media Remote

The Xbox One Media Remote is very flexible that covered in soft-touch plastic. It’s very expansive accessory for Xbox one user. It’s a must-buy for anyone that does more than just play games on their console.

The Xbox One X comes with the most popular of media apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video App and YES, The remote DOES works, also with it supports 4K video streaming from Microsoft Movies & TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If you buy the Xbox One Media Remote you, or a family member, just need to keep turning on an Xbox One controller to control your Xbox One. And you should remote’s buttons through quick access to all of your favourites in one place. Also, you can easy to Control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One. You need Up to 30-foot range to control all Xbox One.

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2Microsoft Official Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

The Xbox One X world most powerful gaming console ever comes with a single set of AA batteries. So you don’t need to buy a second set right now but after they die. Buy this Xbox One Play & Charge Kit in its place.

The Xbox One Play & Charge Kit cost is just $19.75 from Amazon and it saves you from the continual replacement of the older one batteries. In this kit includes a rechargeable battery pack that slots in at the back the removable door on your controller. You don’t connect this battery to a wall charger when it dies. In its place, you use the included MicroUSB cable to provide the controller with power and top off the battery. And if you are charging Xbox one controller at that time, your Xbox One Controller switches off its internal radios and use the cable to send commands to the Xbox One.

Once charged, the battery lasts for approximately 30 hours of play depending on usage. I personally just connect the charging cable every time I’m done playing and never have to worry about the controller dying on me. Overall It’s highly recommending this product!

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3Xbox Live Gold

You get two weeks of Xbox Live Gold free with your Xbox One X. Buy a year of the service now.

Xbox Live Gold is for just $59.99 a year, and you can unlock a lot. They give to access four games to download in a month and you worth up to $700 a year. Join the best community of gamers on the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network, and also you check out two of these titles are Xbox 360 games that now work on the Xbox One X. The other two are games released for the Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold also unlocks multiplayer for any game in your library that supports it.

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4Plantronics RIG 400HX – Gaming Headset for Xbox

The Plantronics RIG 400HX is specially designed for Xbox one games but the 3.5 mm connector is also compatible with PS4 controllers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets so you have the option to use as a PS4 headset or PC headset.

The Xbox one headset is specially equipped with 40 mm, high-sensitivity drivers that deliver quick-tempered game audio that puts you right in the middle of the action. Stack your system with the advantage of a performance headset to hear everything you need to win.

Those same head cups block out noise from the world just about you so that you can focus on your game. Also, its built-in controls that must save you from diving into the Xbox easy to guide to adjust volume and mute your microphone.

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5PowerA Vertical Stand for Xbox One X 

You can easy to take the Xbox One X to these stand end to fit it into any tight space. All you need is the PowerA Vertical Stand for Xbox One X.

This stand is just in $14.99, and this Xbox One accessory isn’t expensive or complicated. It’s a plastic base that fits into the slots along the right features of the Xbox One X. but it does turn your console into a statement piece that’s perfect for the top of your entertainment centre and space.

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6Xbox One Controller Lapel Pin: 15 Pin Package

The Xbox One Lapel Pin Controllers Microsoft sells are the only Xbox One X accessory in this round-up that don’t improve your gaming experience in any useful way. They just look good.

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Also, you go with the other Xbox Design Lab Controllers; they give to design your own personal. You start with a primary controller and then switch out the shell, bumpers, joysticks and directional pad for one of Microsoft’s coloured options. There are flat colours, standard colours and a drawing option that lets you put a personal message on your formation.

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7Razer Thresher Ultimate – Xbox One Wireless Gaming Headset

For the best sound for gaming to pick this Razer Thresher Ultimate – Xbox One Wireless Gaming Headset and the Amazon sells the accessory for $249.99 online.

These Wireless headphones have two large cups for your ears that use Dolby’s sound technology. Since of their bound sound technology, and The Razer Thresher Ultimate is engineered to ensure a lag-free long-distance connection of up to 40 feet. It gives lot’s of best flexibility to communicate with your teammates, even in loud environments, delivering your commands with true-to-life quality and reliability So, if you like to listen to music from Spotify on Xbox One, you can do so without waking up everyone in your home.

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8Controller Gear Controller Stand

Just take your Xbox One controller these stands and slipping. Also, you show out your home as decor to looks very good.  There’s no section to store extra batteries, but the position comes in a handful of different colours. Because of that, you can quickly order a stand that matches your gaming room’s décor or your Xbox One Controller.

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