There are multiple tools available for electronically signing PDF files in the market. People prefer electronic signatures to sign important documents. These days businessmen also send important documents in the form of PDF files, where we have to sign these documents by using different signature tools.

No paperwork, including pen and paper, is necessary to sign a legal document. Businesses are becoming paperless, and also important contracts can be signed by using electronic signatures. Let’s discuss the 5 best ways to sign a PDF file on windows.



On OnlineSignature, there is a tool named “Signature Generator” that facilitates you by creating your customized signature. When the signature is created, you can easily save it and use it to sign PDF files. The OnlineSignature is secured because your data and signature stamp cannot be stored in the system. Additionally, OnlineSignature is free, easy to use, and signs quickly online, so you can use this tool for your business documents without any worry.

The signature creator is used as general custom stamps, but you should use OnlineSignature for legal documents. OnlineSignature is a simple and easy way to sign a PDF file online. For this purpose, you have to draw your signature by using a signature editor or upload your signature image on it. Also, it provides you the option to share the link of your PDF file with other people, so they have to just open the link and sign the file.

OnlineSignature is more secure to sign important papers, including PDF files because when you send the link to other people, it sends a verification code to identify the signers. It also has a “Cloud Storage Access” feature that stores all your PDF files just like other storage devices such as Google Drive. Moreover, you can sign the PDF file on any device, including Windows, iOS, or Linux.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the tool that is important when you have to sign a document quickly. It is available in the form of the application “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app”; otherwise, you can use it on the website. To create the signature, you can type your signature, draw your signature, or upload the signature image on Adobe Acrobat. Drawing with the help of a trackpad is the easiest way to create your signature.

PDF files are used in every business, so you can add electronic signatures on PDF files by using Adobe Acrobat. The “Fill and Sign” feature allows you to sign the document electronically, then click on the “Send for Signature” feature that sends your PDF file to other people for signature. It is a very simple tool that helps to enhance efficiency.

Moreover, Adobe Acrobat is effective because most people want electronic signatures when they send a PDF file. In this case, the tool helps you sign the PDF file and save your time quickly.


Smallpdf is another tool that is used for the electronic signature of documents. In this tool, you can create your signature, sign the PDF files, and also share it with other people to get their signatures. In Smallpdf, eSign helps to invite other people and create signatures for almost 100 people. It also has an important feature that you can mention the exact position of the signature, so other people can easily sign on the specific positions.

Smallpdf is a free tool where you have to upload your PDF file and sign the PDF file in a few minutes. This online website provides complete security of your uploaded document and the customized signature.

Smallpdf is very simple to use; you just need to upload your PDF file, create the signature, place the electronic signature on the PDF file and finally download your signed PDF file. So, Smallpdf is an effective tool to get signatures from many people in less time.

Wondershare PDFelement

For signing the PDF file electronically, the Wondershare PDFelement is a very beneficial tool. In this tool, you can sign your PDF file and get the signatures of others by sharing the PDF file. You can sign your PDF files on any device such as a laptop (Windows/Mac), Android, and iOS devices.

Wondershare PDFelement is an essential electronic signature tool because it enhances the productivity of your business. By electronically sharing the PDF file, you can get electronic signatures on your PDF file quickly. So, if you want to save your time for other productive work, use Wondershare PDFelement for electronic signature on your PDF file.

Moreover, you do not need any paper for physical signing or mailing the forms to others; just use Wondershare PDFelement to electronically send your signed PDF document.

EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor is a tool for electronic signature for your PDF files. In EaseUS, you can use the “Add Image” feature to add the electronic signature on your important documents, contracts, and invoices. You can also sign your PDF files by using your Digital ID. Additionally, you can use passwords to protect your signed PDF files.

PDF files are commonly used for contracts in manufacturing industries, so EaseUS PDF Editor helps by providing electronic signatures. It also helps you reduce human errors and save your time because of the electronic sign on your PDF files, legal documents, and contracts. Moreover, EaseUS PDF Editor is used in the real estate industry, financial industry, and education systems for signing PDF files.

The Bottom Line

These days, the electronic signature has become popular because of its amazing security features, ease of use and time-saving, etc. By using electronic signatures, you do not need to spend your money on paper and pen. You just need to use the best online tools that are mentioned above in this article.

You can use these tools to sign PDF files that are commonly used in every business. To enhance the productivity of your business, try electronic signature by using these tools.

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