Spotify is a go-to platform for music buffs out there, thanks to the simple interface, a massive library of songs, and several new-gen features that set it apart. However, this time, Spotify is breaking the internet with its latest addition, AI DJ. It is all about personalizing your music experience, thus delivering the right piece of music for that exact moment in time. Sounds dreamy? Well, it is, indeed.

But what if this feature ditches you in your hour of need? Most users have complained about facing Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up error, leaving them disheartened and annoyed. Hence, our team has gone through this complaint spiral and compiled some major reasons for this error in the app. So, wait no more and read this writeup to find all the deets about the error as well as this new feature. Let’s get moving!!

What is Spotify AI DJ?

Before we jump into the error, let’s elaborate on this new feature first and highlight what it has to offer and if it’s worth trying.

Speaking of, Spotify AI DJ is a new and personalized AI guide to offer you a one-of-a-kind music experience, based on your mood, taste, and preferences. It is a kind of personal assistant that knows you from inside and out and chooses what to play for you. Believe me, it’s not like a dream come true!!

This new-gen feature is currently rolling out in beta and presents a lineup of music and commentary around the tracks and artists you prefer. It will basically sort through the latest music and look back at some of your old favorites to find songs that can best fit your mood. And what’s more? It constantly refreshes the lineup based on your feedback, so you don’t have to listen to the same song over and over again.

Spotify’s new feature, AI DJ, has been getting immense praise and popularity since its launch. However, since this feature is a beta option on the Spotify app, only those who pay for Spotify Premium can access it for now.

What is Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up Error?

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s move on to the topic – why is Spotify AI DJ not showing up? While the feature has been released for Spotify Premium users lately, most of them have already started complaining about errors and bugs.

A majority of users have reported that they are facing error messages when trying to use this personalized DJ guide. Some even complain that the option is missing from the menu tab, leaving them disappointed.

So, what does it mean, and why the error is showing up soon after its release? Keep scrolling the page and find out what triggers the error in the first place.

The Primary Reasons Behind “Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up” Error

It’s time to address the major reasons leading to the Spotify AI DJ not showing up error. Remember that knowing the causes is always important to avoid the error from occurring again. Hence, in this guide, our team has solely focused on some triggers leading to this frustrating glitch.

Continue browsing and find all the information about the culprits hindering your music experience on Spotify.

  • Country or Region Restriction

The first and probably the major reason behind the error is geographical restrictions. Remember that this beta feature is only launched for Spotify users in the US and Canada, which means that it is still bounded to geographical boundaries, and not all Spotify Premium users can enjoy it.

So, it might be possible that the error is showing up because the feature isn’t yet available in your country or region. Hence, it’s mandatory to check if your boundaries supports AI DJ on Spotify or not.

  • Device Compatibility

The next significant reason behind the Spotify AI DJ not working error is device compatibility. Like geographical boundaries, this feature isn’t launched for all devices yet. Users must have to wait for its widespread compatibility for a while until Spotify launches its official version.

Hence, before you get panic due to the unavailability of this feature, make sure your smartphone meets the minimum requirements to support the Spotify AI DJ.

  • Outdated Version

Spotify AI DJ app is a new addition to the Spotify app (for premium users only); hence, it requires an updated version with all the developer support it requires to operate. Now, if you are still using an outdated version of the Spotify app, you might face AI DJ not showing up error.

Therefore, make sure your app is updated, and your premium account is activated with appropriate subscriptions to use this feature. Even if you satisfy geographical restrictions and your phone meets the minimum requirements, it is mandatory for you to update the app and the membership to access AI DJ on Spotify.

  • Poor Internet Connection

Let’s admit – since the Spotify AI DJ uses AI technology and your previous history to compile the music lineup, it requires a seamless and stable internet connection to get started.

However, if your smartphone is connected to a weak internet source or if your network has been patchy and unstable for a long, you might face the “Spotify AI DJ not showing” error every time you try to access the feature. Therefore, it’s mandatory to make sure you are receiving continuous signals when using Spotify’s personalized DJ guide.

  • Technical Bugs

Don’t overlook the technical glitches in the app as well as in your smartphone, as these might be responsible for the error and restrict you from accessing the Spotify AI DJ feature.

No wonder that the Spotify is thoughtfully designed and hundreds of brilliants minds are working to ensure its flawless functioning, but still it is just a collection of code and is susceptible to minor glitches and occasion errors. These bugs not just make your experience shady but limits from using all new features, including Spotify AI DJ.

  • Faulty App Cache

The app’s cache memory ensures smooth and fast functioning of the application. But what if that cache itself gets corrupted or faulty? Allow us to explain!!

The cache memory often collects the junk files to ensure the fast and seamless functioning, but sometimes, the junk files contain malicious code or faulty cookies that may lead to the error. These files keep on piling and eventually break down in the form of error.

Therefore, it is required to keep you cache memory clean and updated time and again to avoid the junk files from being stacked.

  • Server Issues

It’s time to wind up the list of the reasons triggering the Spotify AI DJ not showing up error with one of the most overlooked option – Server Issues. At the end of the day, Spotify is just an application that uses data collected on its server for responding to the user’s request. But what if the server goes down or become faulty?

Sometimes, the issue occur on the server side and developers keep it down for further maintenance and upkeep. If that’s the case, you might face tons of errors on Spotify app, including nAI DJ not showing.

Therefore, before you lose your calm and start blaming the developers, make sure to check if the app server is down for some reason. Because if that’s the case, you can do nothing, except waiting for developers to resolve the issue.


There you have all the details about why Spotify AI DJ not showing up, even for premium users. Hope our research helps!! This AI DJ is no less than a godsend for those who don’t find it convenient to give a try to new tracks and prefer listening to their old playlists. This feature browses your tastes and preferences by using your regular playlist and then compiled a new lineup for you, thus saving your time and enhancing your overall experience.

And about the glitch – don’t worry it’s temporary and you can resolve it with a few workarounds. Please visit the page regularly to discover culprits of other ongoing errors.

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