Writing an essay is a requirement of many colleges’ application processes. It will be your opportunity to showcase your personality and abilities to the admission counsellor. Wondering how to write an essay that is confirmed to help you stand out from the rest of the applicants? This article is a great way to start.

Start early and write several drafts

How to do an essay? How long before the final submission should you start writing you ask? There is no definite answer. However, it is a proven fact that only a few people perform well under pressure. This college essay is not like any other regular class assignment that you can leave for the very last night. You have to make sure you nail every aspect of it before turning it in for submission. That is only possible when you have ample time to think about the prompt, brainstorm ideas, write multiple drafts, edit it and take feedback from others.  You are not obligated to write every day. You can set your work aside for a couple of days now and then in order to get a fresh perspective. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.   However, do not prolong this break to the extent where your work starts getting neglected. While writing, try putting yourself in the shoes of the counsellor who will be reading your content. Do you think your essay is original and interesting enough for him? Does it maintain the balance between mentioning your achievements and staying humble? Get an essay from resumes that work to understand how to write down your qualifications and accomplishments in an effective manner.

Make an outline

If you jump in straight to the writing part, chances are you might lose direction somewhere in between the words. You need to ensure that there is a predetermined guideline that you can use. It can be done by creating an outline in the beginning. It will highlight the main headings you will be covering. Jot down important points in bullets that will go under each heading. It will help you to avoid missing out on any important point later. Now while making this outline, think about how you would want to organize your essay. For example, you might want to begin with your biggest achievement. Alternatively, you can start by explaining how you started and what built you into this strong person that you are. You can also start from a witty remark. There are plenty of informative essay examples you can utilize to see what to include in your work.

Your outline should look like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
  • Conclusion

Telling Your Story

What did we mean by setting yourself apart from the rest? Admissions officer have an unbelievable amount of essays to read and evaluate. Your work will be a needle in the haystack. In order to catch the eye, you have to bring in the element of personalization. You possess unique attributes, come from a unique background and have an individual personality. It is your job to showcase these in a way that portrays your story to the reader. The best approach to writing an essay is by making this piece of writing your own. Make it meaningful and give it personal touches. Be authentic and genuine while writing so that your true self shines through. There is a thin line between being genuine and trying to act over smart. Make sure you know the difference and come off as an open and interesting contender. Maybe describe an incident that changed you for the better or a specific happening in your life that moved you.  You can share your personal experiences and what you learn from them along the way. In a nutshell, you will be explaining to them why choosing you would be the right call to make.

Focus on Tone

The overall tone of this essay is essential for setting the mood.  A dash of humour is a smart and creative element to add; however, the tone does not limit to this. When you have 750 words to write about your lifetime achievements, it is very easy to sound like a braggart, and that is something you should avoid at all costs. While writing, maintain your humility and humbleness. You should also not whine through the essay. Nobody will be interested in reading you babble and complaining about the injustices you have had to face. These essays are not supposed to be written formally rather; they should sound to the reader as if he can figuratively hear the story in your voice to catch a glimpse of your personality. Do not be very informal, either. Maintain the right balance in your tone. You can study different essay samples to wrap your head around different writing styles.

Mechanics Matter

Punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors and spelling problems will hurt your chances of acceptability. If in excess, these mistakes will become a source of distraction for the reader and give off a negative impression. He will already make a perception about you in his mind, which will be in no way favourable.  Even a few mistakes can be the indicator of your lack of attention and seriousness. If English essay writing is not your forte, I will recommend you seeking help from online writing services such as Edujungles. Once your essay is complete, never indulge in the mistake to submit it without rechecking. Keep revising until you are perfectly satisfied with the outcome.

Get Feedback

As one last step before submission, you are recommended to get another party onboard. It can either be your friends, your instructor, or a professional to get better insights. Getting feedback from more than one source is highly advisable. You might have been feeling quite confident about your essay, but there might be some shortcomings that will spring out immediately to a professional. Do not rely just on yourself when there is so much on stake. If you are turning towards a friend, ask them to critically analyze it and give their honest reviews. Sometimes a fresh perspective and an objective mind can do wonders for enhancing the quality of your content. Once it is done, you are finally ready to submit your essay!

Now that you have read all of these points try implementing them while writing your essay. You cannot perfect your writing skills overnight. Start reading a little every day to equip yourself with suitable vocabulary. Write and rewrite and rewrite some more. You have to perfect your masterpiece to maximize chances of acceptance.


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